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Vacations in Finland

Finland - the country of various vacations

Finland is a very attractive country for tourists, because of the variety of outdoor activities, which are taken there as the necessary condition for healthy lifestyle and for full vital functions in general.

Our portal - – will tell you about the variety of vacations in Finland, about the country and its places of interest; it will also help you to choose the place for housing and to rent it (the opportunity of booking online).

Using the natural resources in Finland in the field of tourism

Wise Finns approached the question of using the natural resources in their country in the field of tourist services very seriously. They found a lot of interesting and useful opportunities for vacations in Finland all the year round, while using their forests, rivers, lakes, sea and snow.

The forests are good for hunting, hiking, walking and gathering mushrooms or berries, for cycling, horseback riding, etc. The sea, rivers and lakes are good for cruises, sailing, rowing and, of course, for fishing. Snowy winters will give you the wide opportunities for skiing and skating as well as for snowmobiles', reindeer’ or dogs’ safaris, etc.

Ecotourism in Finland

Finland is one of the countries, which promotes ecotourism. This is a favorable thing not only for the rest close to nature and for enjoying its beauty and wealth. Ecotourism is also useful for study the problems of nature. Numerous national parks and reserves will offer you the variety of hiking routes and walking paths along the picturesque places.

Winter holidays in Finland

Rich in snow and frosty winters, Finland is famous for its skiing resorts and winter sports centers. All comers will master skiing in this northern country. Experienced instructors, the slopes of varying difficulty, the traditionally high level of service – these are the characteristic features of Alpine skiing in Finland.
Finnish safari is the exotic winter activity. It will be appreciated by lovers of this fashion nowadays kind of extreme tourism.

Hunting in Finland

Finnish forest will open before you the variety of opportunities for hunting. Faithful to their traditions, Finns have preserved and practice nowadays such kind of hunting as archery. This is another way of promoting their ecological consciousness.

Fishing in Finland

“Water Power” - Finland, undoubtedly, can and should be proud of its fishing. Fishing in this country is not a work and not a hobby. It’s an art, a harmony of nature and a man, it’s a tradition. The variety and abundance of fish in numerous ponds in Finland makes this northern country the attractive place for a holiday. Different water cruises are worthy of special notice there, too.

Water parks and SPA in Finland

Tourists will be able to draw away from the vast expanse of snow in water parks and water SPA-centers, which are the essential part of the rest in Finland, the visiting card of this hospitable country.

Parks for rest and entertaining in Finland

Numerous parks for rest and entertaining in Finland will enjoy not only the young guests, but also their parents. They will give you the excellent impressions of side-shows, they will make you to forget about the everyday troubles or worries and fully enjoy the rest and happy children’s laughter.

Night life in Finland

Night Finland will help you to get rid of problems, responsibilities, fuss and to dissolve all the hardships of everyday life in the magic of the starry sky and the fireworks lights.

Holiday in Finland is the life with pleasure. You are welcome to Finland!


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