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SPA in Finland

Finland is a country, where you’ll be given an opportunity to do something for your health and beauty. Numerous SPA-complexes in Finland will surprise you with their diversity and will please you with the wide choice of services for face and body care. SPA-complexes are situated close to beautiful nature in Finland. So you’ll have a great holiday there - you’ll relax and improve your health. It’s possible to organize business meetings, too.

SPA-complexes in Finland

SPA-complexes are the universal facilities for recreation, business meetings and recovery. They usually include:

- the opportunity to stay in a hotel or cottage with different types of amenities for choice,
- water park with various water attractions and services,
- SPA-department or hydropathical establishment,
- beauty shop or beauty salon,
- gym and (or) a fitness room, special sport-grounds, rental agency,
- comfortable places for relaxation close to nature,
- special places for various meetings and actions,
- restaurants, cafes, etc.,
- playgrounds, etc.

Regulations in water centers in Finland

You should stick to certain rules in water centers in order to avoid any troubles:

- you should take a shower before entering the pool;
- you should use a special cap in order not to wet the head;
- you should steam in the sauna and Turkish bath without a bathing suit, sitting on special napkins;
- children should attend the sauna only with their parents;
- you should take the key from the shelf with your things and to link it to a bathing suit, or a hand, or a leg);
- you should use special electronic bracelets;
- you should not jump into a pool from the side and the children shouldn’t be naughty (there are special warm pools for children);
- you should comply with instructions for using the water attractions;
- you can rent a towel, a bathing suit, a bathrobe, you can use a hair dryer free of charge;
- there are special taps for disinfecting foot;
- you should use the services of reception on different questions.

Various SPA in Finland

Whether it's SPA-center or SPA-hotel, or SPA-resort, or SPA-complex, or Holiday Club Finland - anywhere you will have a hospitable welcome; anywhere you’ll be offered the variety of high quality SPA-treatments as well as many other services.

SPA-complex “Imatran Kulpulia”

Popular complex “Imatran Kulpulia” is located in the green area of Imatra in a picturesque pine forest on the lakeside of Saimaa. It will offer you the choice of recovery services and entertainments. Visitors will be able to stay in a hotel or different cottages with all amenities and attentive service. Restaurants and cafes will please you with delicious dishes.

You will remember the rock waterfalls, tropical rain, jacuzzi, etc. in the water park “Magic Forest”.

Improving water and mud treatments, professional massage you’ll be offered in the hydropathical establishment “Velna”.

The beautiful half of humanity (and not only) will appreciate the services of beauty shop and beauty salon.

There are two gyms, the place for ball games and hockey, a green golf course for the sport-lovers. You can also play badminton, and in winter - do ice-fishing. There is the rental agency of various sports equipment for summer and winter sports.

There are halts with wooden sheds, tents, campfire close to nature and the children’s beach at a distance of 100 m from the hotel.

SPA-complex “Peurunka”

Hotel-recovery complex “Peurunka” has total area of 20000 square meters. It is situated on the lakeside in Central Finland, in the village Laukaa, near Jyvaskyla. “Peurunka” is an ideal place for improving the health, for different business meetings and conferences as well as for comfortable recreation close to nature.

There are different kinds of pools for you to try out:

- central pool with massage points (length - 17 m, depth - 120-140 cm, 28 C), where the group sessions of physical therapy are conducted;
- the imitation of the river bed (length - 100 m, depth - 140 cm, 28 C), where it is possible to swim with stream and against the current;
- children’s pool (depth 0,2 - 1 m, 30 C) with solarium and the special system of Hydro Jet, which attracts the kids with different toys and devices for swimming;
- cold pool (+8 C) and warm pool ( +32 C);
- jacuzzi (depth 120-140 cm, for 6-8 persons) with massage points, beautiful lighting and relaxing music.

There are following services for you in “Peurunka”: sanatorium treatment, FOC (4 halls of training apparatus, bowling, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, basketball), 2 tennis courts, golf course, indoor ice rink, saunas, picnics in nature, safari routes, walking through the forest, horseback riding, fishing on the river Kuusankoski, ski slopes, equipped sandy beach. All comers are able to rent bikes, ski equipment, sleds, snowshoes, boat, canoe, etc.

There are conference center, dance hall and restaurant with real music at your service for various activities.
Accommodation in the hotel and cottages, service and cuisine will satisfy the requirements of different people: from children to allergies or disabilities. 

 SPA-resort Heiko

You’ll find the unusual combination of estate history, romance and SPA-services at the SPA-resort Heiko not far from Porvoo, which is ashore the Gulf of Finland. You will be able to stay in a comfortable hotel or in tan old country estate “Manor”, which has kept the uniqueness of each room, theit decor and the atmosphere of the early century.

The variety of restaurants is amazing: “Piazza” with Italian cuisine, “Albert E” with the intimate atmosphere of night, the summer restaurant-tent by the sea, Romanovsky Hall Heiko with historical specific, Yellow Hall for cocktails and coffee-breaks, the elegant hall Louis Sparre for private dinners, the estate club-restaurant, the bar-pavilion Romanoff and the nightclub with dance programs.

Water-recovery center “Yorokobi” (in translation from Japanese – “glad, happy”), which is decorated in Japanese style, offers various kinds of services. You will have an opportunity for improving cosmetic procedures, physiotherapy, massage, relaxing exercises, specific Japanese procedures “Shindo” for the relieve tension of the body and opening of the energetic canals. You’ll be able to try the wonderful water treatment: “Furo” – a hot Japanese bath, “Barrel”- an ice bath, hydromassage, jacuzzi, spurting, bubbles, outdoor swimming pool, steam sauna. The SPA-shop is also worth visiting.

At your service there is a modern fitness center as well as the spacious park, where you can organize a picnic or barbecue, play tennis, badminton, volleyball, ride a bicycle, etc.

Holiday Club Tampere

Original “SPA-city” - Holiday Club Tampere is located on the lakeside of Nasijarvi in Tampere. This is the perfect place for business meetings and recreation.
You will find the wide choice of SPA-treatments, various swimming pools (with mineral water, cool pool, children’s pool, pool with attractions and hydromassage, waterfalls and head current), jacuzzi, Finnish and peat saunas, Roman steam bath and sauna in black with swimming in the ice-hole.

Visitors of all ages will have a good time in children’s entertainment club, gym with training apparatus; you can play bowling or mini-golf, visit the beauty salon, restaurant “Arthur”, bars.

There are various opportunities for active outdoor recreation: ski, squash, badminton, tennis, swimming (there is a beach), cruises by ships, paddling, water scooters, bicycles, etc.

You can also visit Lyna-park (Dolphinarium, Aquarium), the observation tower “Nyasineula” and other places of interest in Tampere.

Holiday Club Katinkulta

Holiday Club Katinkulta is a modern fashionable complex in Northern Europe. It is situated at the resort Vuokatti in the middle of the picturesque nature of pine forest on the lakeside. Holiday Club Katinkulta consists of SPA-center, recreation center with a water park, skiing resort and a golf course.

You’ll be offered the wide choice of splendid relaxation and beauty treatments using the healing sea cosmetics (massage, body wraps, baths, etc.), various kinds of fitness and physical exercises in the stylish SPA-department.

Tropical water park is a green hall with air temperature +30C - +32C, with the complex of more than 20 swimming pools, water slide, jacuzzi, massage showers, its own “World of Saunas”, solarium, etc. For children there are special swimming pools and room for games.

You’ll be able to spend a good time in the gym or room with training apparatus, to go fishing, to play tennis, squash, badminton, basketball, mini-golf, bowling, to ski, to try snowmobiling, dog sledding, horseback riding, to do the unforgettable hiking, etc.

There are a beauty salon, rental agency, mini-market, conference halls, restaurant and nightclub at your service.
You can stay in a hotel or in the comfortable apartments.

Holiday Club “Oulun Eden”

Resort SPA-hotel “Oulun Eden” ashore the Gulf of Bothnia is the wonderful center of entertainments for the whole family. It offers the housing of high quality, good food, beautiful seascapes and the diversity of health services.  “Oulun Eden” is the real northern paradise, which gives its guests the warmth of the tropics and harmony of body and soul.

There are different swimming pools (outdoor, indoor, kids), water slides, wave and currents, jacuzzi, hydromassage points, Finnish, Turkish and Roman-Irish mixed sauna, mud and herbal baths, water aerobics, massage, acupuncture treatment, solarium, beauty center, gym and fitness room in the water-recovery complex.
The unique location of the hotel in the middle of the park at the seaside is favourable to walking, cycling and swimming.

At your service there are accommodation according to the age peculiarities of people, allergic individuals and people with disabilities. There are also restaurants, cafes, bars, conference halls.

Holiday Club “Kuusamon Tropikki”

“Kuusamon Tropikki” is a picturesque oasis in the north-eastern Finland, where you will find a multifunctional hotel with water-entertaining SPA-center, comfortable apartments for recreation, the center of active leisure and entertainments “Areena”.

Various natural landscapes of coniferous forests, rapid rivers, hills, mountains and lowland bogs under the firmament of the Northern Lights are perfectly suited for different kinds of outdoor activities: skiing and Alpine skiing, walking and hiking, horse riding, safari, hunting and fishing, rafting along the mountain rivers, etc. You’ll be able to rent the equipment.

You’ll find yourselves in this kingdom of lush tropical vegetation in the water-entertaining center. You’ll be able to relax in the warm water of pools (+32C), in caressing bubbles of jacuzzi, in healing steam of saunas. There are entertainments for both adults and children in the water department: 2 swimming pools, jacuzzi, children’s pool, “sun grotto”, waterfall, hydromassage points, 45-meters water slide with tunnels.

You’ll find an excellent state of health and a good mood thanks to relaxing séances of aromatherapy and massage, cosmetology and hairdressing services.
You’ll be able to go in for sports outdoors as well as indoors (billiards, bowling, badminton, tennis, volleyball, etc.).

Hotels, apartments and cottages, entertaining kids’ club, cafe, restaurant, bar, night club, conference hall will gladly open the doors in front of their guests.

Holiday Club Saariselka

Complex Holiday Club Saariselka is situated amidst the unique nature of the Arctic Circle. This complex is very popular place for holiday at any time of a year. Holiday Club Saariselka will offer you a hotel and apartments, mini water park and pools, SPA-department and restaurants, sport complex and active recreation in the fresh air, fascinating Aurora Borealis and mysterious polar sun.

In the “tropics” of SPA-center you’ll find the water with temperature +29 C, jacuzzi, children’s pool, water slide, waves, the river with versatile flow, water massage. Visitors will be able to choose Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, VIP-sauna as well as the variety of services in the beauty center and SPA-treatments.

The lovers of active leisure will be able to have a good time with benefit for their health in the sport complex “Arena” (for 300-1000 people), to play badminton, tennis, mini-football, squash, to visit the gym or to relax close to nature, to master the mountain biking and rowing, to go for a walk along the mountain trails or to take part in the flushing of gold.

There are special rooms for business meetings and conferences as well as a restaurant, several bars, a pub with a dance floor in the Holiday Club Saariselka. 

SPA-hotel “Casino”

The picturesque island in Savonlinna has become the location of water-recreation complex with century-old history – “Casino”, which attracts the visitors with a friendly atmosphere and individual attitude to each client. The beauty of untouched nature of the Lake Saimaa and the qualittative services of SPA-hotel will leave the pleasant impressions of holiday there.

Modern cozy center will offer you the services of wonderful water complex with waterfalls, massage, children’s pool, sauna and Turkish bath, jacuzzi and solarium. There are cosmetic and health treatments for your choice: physiotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, thermal procedures, herbal baths, therapeutic physical training, etc.
The lovers of active leisure are waited by training apparatus and gyms, bowling, skating, skiing, ice-fishing, squash, cycling and boat trips.

Bars, cafes and restaurants ... It’ll be possible to make the excursions to the medieval fortress Olavinlinna, on the international Opera festival, to the museum of forest “Lusto” in Punkaharju, to summer water park in the open air “Kesiamaa”, to the Art Center “Retretti” and to other local places of interest. 

SPA-hotel “Rantasipi Tropikliandia”

There is an amazing place for a family holiday in Vaasa - the perpetual summer in the SPA-hotel “Rantasipi Tropikliandia”, which is located on the beautiful island Vaskiluoto at the seaside of Baltic Sea.

Water park “Water Paradise” fully justifies its name. There are entertainments for everybody - a large swimming pool with artificial waves, water slides and jacuzzi, children’s pool, heated outdoor pool, Finnish, Turkish and Roman-Irish saunas, water bar, solarium...

You’ll be offered various SPA-treatments there (massage, mud baths and masks, herbal baths, physiotherapy), the services of gym, playing children’s center.

You’ll find considered accommodation there, the services of restaurants, nightclubs, pizzerias, conference rooms, etc.
The sea and sandy beach as well as the entertaining park “Vassalandia” are looking forward to meeting their guests.

SPA-hotel “Rantasipi Oulanka”

Cultural and historical SPA-hotel “Rantasipi Oulanka” is situated in the national park Oulanka in Hameenlinna. This SPA-hotel was recently reconstructed (2006). It offers its guests the magnificent SPA-services.

You’ll find the relaxation in sauna, swimming pools, Jacuzzi as well as the high-quality services of “Health clinic” and SPA-treatments in the SPA-department.
Children’s playroom as well as the facilities for corporative events and various entertainments are also foreseen there.

You’ll find wide opportunities for the active leisure in the sport complex “Arena” with training apparatus. At your service there are also a golf course, 4 tennis courts outdoors, bowling, skiing resort Kalpalinna, national park-reserve Oulanka with the observation tower and walking paths, horse riding and water cruises. ..

All comers can visit the local place of interest - the castle Hame. 

SPA-hotel “Rantasipi Eden”

A tropical paradise at the lakeside of Pyhajarvi will meet you with its warmth and an impressive swimming pool area (1500 square meters) in the SPA-hotel Rantasipi Eden” in Nokia.

You’ll be happy to try the pools with bubbles, with hot (37 C) or cold water (10 C) or the outdoor swimming pool (27 C) with excellent beach, to enjoy an unforgettable experience of a flowing river, massage points, waves, different slides and 100-meters pipe. Children will get a lot of pleasant impressions of the children’s pool (40 square meters) and a special games store.

All comers can take water gymnastics lessons and try SPA-treatment, take part in the exciting entertainment and use the services of gym and training apparatus, enjoy cooking delights in five restaurants and so on.

You will find different types of saunas, solarium and beauty treatments at the SPA-hotel “Rantasipi Eden”.
You can also play bowling, sled in winter there, etc.
The accommodation at this hotel takes into consideration the requirements of different population groups.

SPA-hotel “Vesileppis”

There is a remarkable recreation complex “Vesileppis”, which is surrounded by clear lakes and scenic beauty of Leppavirta. Hotel and cottages will welcome their guests.

There is a water park in the area of 1000 square meters, which is offering the variety of swimming pools (25-meters sport one, with water slides, massage with cold water (10 C), tropical (+32 C), children’s), sauna, bar.

You’ll be provided with high-quality health services, massage and physiotherapy as well as beauty services.

You’ll have the wonderful opportunities for sports there: gym, special track for athletics, a park for skateboarding, skating pavilion with artificial ice, snow underground arena with ski trails, sports facilities for tennis, football, basketball, baseball, golf, riding.

You will receive an unforgettable fishing in the rapids, dogs’ snowmobiles’ safaris.
There is the rental sport equipment, children’s playground and park at the territory of this complex.

SPA-hotel “Piaymiakumpu”

You can improve your health and relax in the modern rooms of SPA-hotel “Piaymiakumpu”, which is located at the lakeside of Lohiyaiyarvi in Karialohiya.

Water Spa-Centre offers the following services: sports and children’s pools, Jacuzzi “under the starry sky”, steam baths and saunas, massage showers.

Sports lovers will appreciate the gym and training apparatus. At your service are: rental equipment and sports games (football, volleyball, tennis, mini golf) as well as fishing, cycling, rowing (boats, canoes), hiking trails, skiing, etc.

SPA-hotel “Ruyssalo”

There is the SPA-hotel “Ruyssalo” not far from Turku, in the middle of the unique nature of picturesque island Ruyssalo. It is offering a thoughtful placement for different categories of people (including allergic individuals and invalids) and the wide choice of services.

You’ll be given the following opportunities there: sauna, swimming pools (sports + 29C, with waterfall +29C, hot Jacuzzi +35 C), massage, SPA-treatments, solarium, the services of cosmetologist and hairdresser, sports and fitness rooms, the rent of equipment.

The lovers of outdoor recreation will be able to plunge into the hole and to ski or skate along the frozen sea in winter, and to play golf, volleyball, tennis, to hike through the dense oak groves among the coastal cliffs, to swim in the sea and so on in summer.

SPA-hotel “Keurusselka”

You’ll find a wonderful vacation at the lakeside in the SPA-hotel “Keurusselka”. You can stay there in a cozy hotel or comfortable cottages.

There is a swimming pool with water massage, children’s pool, Jacuzzi, VIP-sauna with a fireplace, 2 Finnish saunas, Turkish bath in the water-wellness center “Starry sky”.

You’ll be able to have a good time in the gym or outdoors (skiing, snowmobile safaris, ice-hole diving, skiing, motor ship cruise or relaxation on the sandy beach).
There are playing room and equipped playground for the children.

The visit to a cafe-hut at the lakeside and summer theater will remain a lot of pleasant memories.

Naantali SPA-hotel

Really royal, luxurious SPA-hotel among the most beautiful islands at the Baltic Sea coast in Naantali consists of the hotel itself and the 6-deck yacht “Princess Sanborn”. Both of them are elegantly furnished as well as modernly equipped and are offering high quality service.

SPA-complex offers visitors various regenerative procedures, care for face and body, physical therapy, relaxation procedures, aromatic bath, massage, body wraps with blue clay and arctic plants, the French cosmetics of algae, healing mineral water from local sources, etc.

At your service - swimming pools (27 C) and outdoor heated one, 4 Finnish saunas, two Roman baths, 2 Turkish baths, solarium, bar.

Sports lovers will find numerous golf clubs, fitness club, gym, special walking trails, tennis courts, volleyball court, beach, the rent of bikes, scooters, canoes and rowing boats.

The restaurants, cocktail club, conference halls, art galleries, boutiques and shops and, of course, the fantastic land for children “Mummilandia” on the picturesque island will not disappoint the visitors. 

Lappeenranta SPA-hotel

The oldest SPA-hotel in Finland (from 1824) in Lappeenranta on the Lake Saimaa will make happy for a while to its visitors because of the variety of wellness treatments.

There are swimming pools, Jacuzzi, hydro massage, flowing waterfalls, saunas. SPA-center offers massage, masks of clay, steam baths, peat baths and other services.

There are a golf course and a fitness room.
At your service there are comfortable rooms in the hotel and a restaurant “Casino”.

Center “Flamingo SPA”

Entertainng Center “Flamingo Spa” in Vantaa is considered to be Finnish Las Vegas with the different options for the whole family: water park and SPA-center, cinema and bowling, gym and room for gaming, place for golf, shopping centre “Jumbo” and restaurants.

Water park is made in the traditions of Mayan culture: steep and fast water slides falls from the top of the temple Maya, and stormy wild river discharges geysers. At your service there are special pools: for games on the water, with strong currents, with a springboard for diving.

SPA-center – “the world of wellness and water treatment” s also the unique oasis of comfort and youth. You will appear in the atmosphere of ancient Mesopotamia there. You will be prompted to experience the wonderful effects of different saunas and baths, swimming pools with salt water and wonderful procedures.

Your pastime in the high-class hotel “Flamingo” will be an unforgettable experience.

Center “Rauhalahti SPA”

Water and Wellness Center “Rauhalahti” is located in the real kingdom of nature, in a pine forest on the lakeside of Kolovesi, not far (5 km) from Kuopio. It will provide for the guests a lot of pleasures. This resort hotel complex in Eastern Finland (hotel accommodation and holiday cottages) is considered to be one of the best centers for recreation, sports and dance.

Cozy tropical paradise for adults and children “Blue Lagoon” will give positive emotions in the pools (tropical and heated outdoor, hot and cold, children’s one), at the water slide. It will please with a massage in Jacuzzi, steam out in the Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, Roman-Irish steam bath, “black” sauna and give some pleasure in the water bar.

At your service there are various SPA-treatments: physical therapy, light therapy, aromatherapy, ozone therapy, mud baths, herbal baths, massage, etc.
There is also a beauty salon, sports equipment rental, gym and training apparatus, considered weekly program for children.

In the evenings there are dancing to the orchestra; they organize the performances of popular Finnish entertainers. Lovers of nightlife can visit the night club “Thousand and One Night”, taste the culinary delights at the restaurant “Old pharmacist”.

At guests’ choice there are: horse riding, fishing, rock climbing, skating, skiing and other winter fun in “Winter Park” or at skiing center “Puyo”, squash, badminton, tennis, etc.

SPA-center “Bomba”

Many-sided recreation center “Bomba” in North Karelia at the lakeside of Pielinen, at a distance of 3 km from the city of birches Nurmes is a perfect place for families with children.

At your service there are different pools: with waterfalls and hydro massage, children’s with a small water slide, as well as the outdoor pool with a beautiful sandy beach and a swimming hole.

In the Water and Wellness center “Sotka” you’ll find Jacuzzi, Finnish and Turkish saunas, SPA-baths, beauty procedures, massage, gym and training apparatus, bar.

The remarkable medical center “Bomban Physio”, the cafe-restaurant “Bomba” and the audience for business meetings will be happy to welcome the visitors.

Lovers of outdoor recreation will be able to use the services of various sports equipment rental and to ride a bike, to go fishing with an instructor and to conquer the water expanses by canoe or to go down the rapids on a raft. And in the winter you’ll have the wonderful opportunities of exciting snowmobile and dog sledding, ice fishing, skiing.

You’ll be able to stay in the hotel, in the log houses of “Karelian village” or in cottages. You’ll find there perfect living conditions and service.

SPA-center “Karibia”

Unforgettable memories will stay after your visiting the water center “Karibia” in Turku, which is made in the style of the Caribbean coast.

The main theme is a shipwrecked pirate ship in the middle of the pool, on the deck of which is a restaurant and a view of all pools of this complex.
Exotic follows you everywhere in “Karibia”: from the caves and waterfalls to saunas, cuisine and dwelling.

In addition, you will find a gym, children’s playroom and places for tennis, badminton, volleyball, mini-golf as well as cafe, snack bar and pub.

Water complex has several levels and consists of 8 usual pools, a fitness-pool (16,7 m), children’s pool with slide, heated outdoor pool and with cold (+5 C) water, 117 m tunnel with a descent by “cheese-cakes”, 80 m tunnel with sound and light effects and 25 m of “mountain river”. At your service there are also Jacuzzi and water massage.

You’ll be able to steam out and relax in wood-burning saunas or in “black” saunas with the pool of cold water, in the VIP-sauna for business meetings with menu by request in the “Village of saunas”.

All comers can visit the SPA and beauty parlors of different profiles, fitness center and sports complex.

SPA-center “Ikaalinen”

The vast entertaining resort and SPA-complex in Scandinavia is “Ikaalinen”, which is located at the lakeside of Kyurosyarvi. It is a popular place for family vacations all year round.

You can stay there in 5 hotels of different levels and apartments. Services for 5 high-level restaurants, cafes, pubs, pizzerias are at your service there.

Tropical water park “Vesitropiikki” with a constant air temperature of +30 C will offer you swimming pools, Jacuzzi, hydro massage, 58-meter water slide, waterfall, hot and cold baths, saunas. The center of health and beauty with unique SPA-treatments is also worth visiting.

At your service there are gym, bowling, squash and table tennis. There are perfect skiing slopes for active outdoor recreation, flat track, year-round skiing-tunnel, ice fishing, swimming in the ice-hole, safari by snowmobiles, snowshoes, etc.

There are children’s play rooms with many toys, a music corner, room for computer games. You can use the services of baby-sitters.