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Info Finland – different information about Finland

Are you tired of fuss, of scorching sun and overcrowded beaches, of greediness and invariable problems? You are dreaming about the quiet, the peace of mind and unity with nature, aren’t you?

In that case, the portal – just what you need. You’ll find different useful information on our portal about Finland – wonderful fairy-tale-country, the “snow paradise” on the earth! will acquaint you with city life and natural features of this northern region, with excellent opportunities for recreation, with its hospitable people and housing in Finland. You’ll also be able to book online the suitable accommodation for rent on our portal.

The unique, original Finland

People with special interests, who are seeking something original, distinctive will find Finland with all its beauty. Ones, who sets great store on home, family, healthy style of life, hospitality, will appreciate the holidays in this country.

Nature and people in Finland

You’ll be deeply impressed by untouched nature of Finland with the variety of beautiful landscapes. And the local residents, which are remarkable for their thoroughness and attentiveness, slowness and calmness, ability to live with pleasure, will hardly leave you indifferent. The citizens of Finland will win your favor with their warm hospitality and cordiality.

Winter and summer in Finland

Finland will give you the opportunity to reunite with nature in summer. If you miss an active, refreshing rest, you are to go to Finland in winter. Finns know how to come to an understanding with snow and to create the unique winter fun for their guests.

Finland – a fairy-tale-country

A fairy-tale becomes a reality in this northern country with ancient culture and rich history. Visiting Finland, you’ll be able to return for a while in the childhood, to meet Santa Claus and to whisper in his ear your wish, which will be certainly fulfilled. Surely, you should be deeply impressed by Snow Castles, the fairy-tale world of Mummin-trolls and Kaamos - polar night.

Finnish fishing – a popular tradition

Fishing is one of the most distinctive features of the rest in Finland. This “Land of a Thousand Lakes” is even fish-shaped. Finnish fishing is so popular, that it’s considered to be a tradition.

Finnish “virtue” - sauna

Sauna in Finland deserves the special ode of glory and honor. Finns can’t imagine their life without this “virtue”.

Finnish cuisine

Finnish cuisine has a print of mystery. Skillful chefs conjure over a cooking fire in the traditional national restaurants to the accompaniment of shamans’ tambourines. Finnish food is delicious, appetizing, nutritious and clean above all.

Souvenirs from Finland

You’ll certainly bring home souvenirs from Finland as well as unforgettable impressions. Different products of reindeer skins and Finnish glass, Finnish fur and gold jewelry, sports equipment and Finnish knives with a horn-made handle, national dolls, the figures of white bears and deer are the most preferred things.

The basis of tourist services in Finland

Suomi is famous, first of all, with its nature, its land. This is the key to success in the field of tourism there. Holidays in Finland will give you the wonderful chance of unity with nature, acquaintance with the country and traditionally high level of service.

Finnish mentality

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