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Transport in Finland

The true fact is that an automobile in modern life is considered to be the first friend and assistant of most the human beings. As for Finland, not everybody and (or) not always use their personal auto. That’s why there services of public conveyances.

Public conveyances in Finland

Public conveyances in Finland represent powerful, well-established and considered industry, which occupies an important place in the economy of the country.

There are different kinds of transportation for the choice of passengers in Finland:

- air transport (airplanes),
- water transport (various water craft),
- overland transport (urban transport – buses, trams, taxi; railway transport – trains).
- underground transportation (the underground or Metro).

Air communication in Finland

Airplanes and trains are considered to be the best ways for moving over long distances.

There are25 airports in Finland, which are used for regular passenger air communication. Company «Finnair» is the largest carrier of passengers and loads in Finland. It makes regular and charter flights.

The main airport of this company is «Helsinki – Vantaa». It was accepted by ICAO as one of the best airports in the world because of the level of safety and service.
«Finnair» makes domestic flights in Finland as well as the flights to CIS countries and international flights.

Water transport in Finland

Water transport is an important part of transportation in Finland, which is also known as «water power». The vast lake-river system and the Baltic Sea make possible to get by water almost to every corner of Finland and even to nearby countries.

Finnish water craft can boast of their decent level of service, modern look and comfort.
The most of voyages are made by various small vessels (boats, yachts), acting as water taxis.
Cruises on water expanses of Finland enjoy wide popularity of tourists.

Railway transport in Finland

By railway transport in Finland you’ll be able to get to any big city of the country and to other countries. You can buy train tickets at special offices of the Finnish Railways.

There are various discounts for passengers in Finland during the trips by rail:

- for children (6 - 17 years - 50%; up to 6 years - the right to free pass – no more than 4 children with one adult);
- for tourist groups (10 persons - 20%, more than 10 persons - 35%);
- «family» discounts (for family of 3 or more persons, traveling together - 20%);
- for passengers over 65 years (50% of the fare);
- «Seutulippu» ticket for 10 trips within the city enables you to get a discount at your back trip;
- special passport «Finrailpass» for free passing the Finnish railways during 3 days, 5 or 10 days.

Buses in Finland

Buses are the integral part of Finnish roads. Bus routes in Finland make you possible to get to all settlements in the country. Bus lines are the base of whole urban transportation. In addition, it connects Finland with some other countries - Russia, Sweden and Norway.

Along with the buses in the capital of Finland Helsinki there is such kind of public transport as a tram.

Besides, there are services of taxis and rented automobiles in Finland.

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