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Taxi in Finland

The passengers, who prefer the special attention, can use the services of taxis in Finland. There are many taxis in Finland.
Finnish taxi is very comfortable thing, but it’s not cheap. Taxi price includes the cost of embarkation, payment for the trip, the cost of waiting and the cost of some extra services.

Taxi prices in Finland

The cost of a taxi trip depends on:
1) the DOW and time:
- on weekdays – from 06.00 till 20.00, on Saturdays and on the eve of holidays – 5,30 euro;
- alias – 8,30 euro;
2) the number of passengers:
- 1-2 persons – 1, 39 euro for 1 km;
- 3-4 persons – 1, 67 euro for 1 km;
- 5-6 persons – 1, 81 euro for 1 km;
- 7 and more persons – 1, 94 euro for 1 km.

The payment for two passengers-children up to 12 years is equivalent to the pay for one adult.
The cost of waiting (39.50 euros per hour) is taken in the case of waiting for passengers or a speed less than 28.5 km / h instead of payment for the trip.

There are some cases for extra services:
- when a taxi is ordered beforehand (more than 30 minutes before - about 6, 40 euro);
- when you transport the large number of things;
- when you call a taxi to the airport;
- when the taxi-driver renders some extra services.

Passengers shouldn’t pay for pre-order taxi in the case of injury, age or illness (people with disabilities have discounts).

Calling a taxi in Finland

You can call a taxi in Finland by telephone 118 in Finnish or in English. After connection you should name a street and the number of house.

You can also book a taxi with the help of text message to number 13170 (in Helsinki - for Elisa, Sonera, Dna, Saunalahti subscribers). The report in Finnish should have the name of city, street, the number of house, the letter of porch and possible additional address information. Then you should wait for the answer and for the text message about the availability of free car and the confirmation of your call. If within 8 minutes free taxi will be not, you’ll be offered to try again.

You can take a taxi at a special taxi stop, too.

Pre-order taxis in Finland

You should make pre-order a taxi in Finland by calling to number 0100 0600. Or you should send a text message - 1, 70 euro.
Some cities in Finland (Tampere, Oulu, Riihimäki, Hyvinkää, Helsinki) have their own special services of calling a taxi.

In order to cancel a taxi you should call the number 0100 0700. With the help of text messages you shouldn’t do this.

Ecotaxi in Finland

The specificity of Finnish taxi park is ecotaksi.
Ecotaksi is the kind of Finnish contribution to the protection of environment. These cars differ with special tablets on the windows and special attitude to work.

Ecotaksi take part in the environmental program of the Association of Finnish taxi companies, which serves the purpose to increase road safety and to organize the pleasant journeys both for passengers and drivers.
In the context of this program special attention is paid to careful driving, quality service and environmental protection.

The distinctive features of ecotaksi in Finland

There are some rules for driving in ecotaksi:
- any unnecessary stops and accelerations are not made;
- try to choose the route with minimum traffic congestions;
- maximum caution and safety;
- try to avoid the idling of a taxi;
- try to provides timely servicing;
- special attention is paid to the choice of tires and the pressure in them;
- try to use oils and fluids, which are not harmful to the environment;
- try to provide the proper reclamation;
- careful attitude to the car and to the saving of fuel.

The prices for a trip in ecotaksi are the same as in usual taxi.