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Transportation utilities in Finland

Regulations in transportation utilities in Finland

Finland has its own regulations in transportation utilities:

- for traveling in public conveyances in Finland you should buy a ticket for one trip (Kertalippu) -1.1 - 1.5 euro, or a ticket for 10 trips for 12 euro (Kymmenen matkan kortti); you should also buy tickets at kiosks or at driver;
- you should punch your ticket;
- you should enter a bus or a tram only through the front door;
- in order to open the door at the stop, you should press the special button on the side of the door.

The advantages of «Helsinki Card» in Helsinki

Special card «Helsinki Card» is very popular in the capital of Finland - Helsinki. It allows making unlimited trips by public conveyances for a certain period.

At that, the cardholder receives various guaranteed discounts:
- for bus to airport;
- for free admission to many museums;
- for free trip by bus along Helsinki;
- for voyage by ferry to Sveaborg and «Korkesaari» Zoo;
- discounts at some restaurants, theatres and another benefits.

In addition, the cardholder of «Helsinki Card» gets a detailed guidebook, which will help to navigate along the city and its attractions.

You can buy «Helsinki Card» at the airport, at the Center for booking hotel rooms, at hotels, at tourist offices in Helsinki.
The price of such card depends on the time of its action:
- for 24 hours – 9-24 euro;
- for 48 hours – 12-32 euro;
- for 72 hours – 14-38 euro.
The cards for children and for adults also have different prices.

Capital Metro in Finland

Helsinki as every self-respecting capital has its underground, its Metro. Metro in Helsinki consists of 12 stations on one line and extends to the limited part of the city. It is passing through the railway station and connecting the center with the south-western districts.

Metro in Helsinki works according to the following schedule:
- on weekdays – from 05.15 till 23.45;
- on Saturdays - from 05.15 till 23.45;
- on Sundays – from 06.15 till 23.45.
But, as a rule, Metro in Helsinki usually closes 15 minutes earlier.

You should pay for every station in Metro in Helsinki.
Recently appears the opportunity of paying for Metro with the help of ones mobile phones.