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Automobiles in Finland

During your visit to Finland, you will be able to rent an automobile. Different Finnish companies, which provide the rent of automobiles, can also offer you the services of a driver as well as to deliver an automobile to some place or to take it after the operation in a pre-specified location, etc.

Lease term of automobiles in Finland

In order to rent an automobile in Finland you should follow some certain formalities:

- you should have the valid driver’s license of your home country;

- you shouldn’t be younger than 19-25 years old (the age depends on the company, sometimes it depends on the class of an automobile);

- you should have a year (1) of driving practice (sometimes 2-3 years);

 - you should have a credit card (sometimes it is possible to pay in cash);

- you should pay for the mortgage, which is agree with the supposed cost of the rent (you should make sure about the insurance);

- you should have a passport.

Important information for the rent of automobiles in Finland

If you decided to rent an automobile in Finland, you should consider the following points:

- An automobile is usually put in smb.’s disposal with the full tank of petrol. So it should be returned back in the same condition. Otherwise you will have to pay according the company’s tariffs.

- You should attentively inspect an automobile for the presence of breakages, scratches, etc.: everything must be marked.

- You should learn the item in the contract about the maximum range in order not to pay then for extra kilometers.

- You should consult with the manager of the company about all your questions (from where, what is and how it to turn on, to how it’ll be better to get to a certain place, etc.).

- You should know what kind of petrol is in your automobile, how much load is allowed to put in the trunk, etc.

- You should indicate the place of returning an automobile.

What is necessary for traveling by rental automobile in Finland?

For traveling the driver of rental automobile should have a driver's license, a rental voucher, a passport, a credit card and keep the Road Laws of the concrete country.

Roads in Finland

Finland can be proud with good reason of its state roads: they are large, with a quality coating, with convenient signs and road junctions. You’ll be able to buy a road map almost at every refuelling station.

Refuelling stations in Finland

The most of refuelling stations in Finland are the universal service centers, where you can find different types of services: supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, toilets, rooms for child care, etc. Refuelling stations in Finland work from Monday to Saturday, from 7.00 to 21.00; Sunday is a brief day; many of the refuelling stations are of around-the-clock work.

Some Road Laws and distinctive features of road traffic in Finland

There is a right-hand traffic in Finland.

Finnish roads usually go around the cities. The speed in built-up areas is 40-60 km/h, outside the city - 60-100 km/h, and on the route - 100-120 km/h.

Overtaking is forbidden on risings and turnings. It is compulsory to switch on the antidazzle lights in built-up areas.

Indispensable conditions are the use of safety belts on the front seats as well as on the back ones and the complete rejection of alcohol (there is regular control).

“Summer” tires are changed to the “winter” from November, 1 to March, 31 in Finland. And “winter” tires must be used from December, 1 to February, 28.

The distinctive feature of Finnish roads is a meeting with an elk. That’s why the drivers should be careful and cautious.

Follow these laws - and successful journey will be guaranteed!