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Fishing in Finland

Fishing has been one of the ways of getting food for a man since the ancient times. Then it became an entertainment for kings and queens as well as for the other people.

Fishing in Finland is the harmony of nature and a man

Fishing in Finland is not a job and not just a hobby; it is an art, the harmony of nature and a man.

The opportunities for fishing in Finland

Mirror water areas of Finland, numerous rapid river and streams, which are running among the forests, splendid coast of Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia, the archipelago of picturesque islands offer you almost unlimited opportunities for various kinds of fishing. Every water area in Finland has its own “fishing reputation”. The cities in Finland are very often appreciated at the quality of fishing-tackle shops.

You will get a real pleasure because of unique nature, the diversity of different species of fish and safe environmental situation in the country, which has a reasonable control over the use of natural resources.

Finnish fishing will be an unforgettable vacation for tourists in any season. Most Finns will be happy to join you, because fishing is their favorite hobby.
The abundance of fish species is the most attractive feature of fishing tours to Finland.

Everything is organized in such a way, that fishing is easily available both for natives and tourists at all ages. You will be able to retire on the rivers and lakes in Finland, or use the services of native instructors, who will share their secrets with you and choose the best places for a wonderful holiday.

Interesting facts about fishing in Finland

Finnish fishermen, when are going to fish, try to get away completely from the daily fuss and to enjoy the unity with nature. They are not so much interested in the number of catch, but in the very process of catching, so as not to anger the sea king Ahti. The lord of waters Ahti has been respected in Finland since the ancient times. There are many folk songs in his honor.

There are many interesting facts about fishing in Finland. First of all, it’s, of course, a comic exaggeration of the size of a fish, which is usually accompanied by the most incredible stories and adventures. There are also a lot of jokes and anecdotes about fishing.

There is an interesting fact that Finns never cover up with fishing the so-called tours “on the side”, they don’t take the alcohol to fishing. This fact explains the loyalty of their wives to their keenness on fishing.

Besides, Finnish fishermen are very careful and respectful to the “fish population». They strictly keep the requirements to limit the number of fish caught. They set at liberty the “kids” – fish, which is not of a certain size.

The popularity of fishing in Finland

The wide popularity of this way of holiday in Finland is reflected in regular various “fish” competitions almost in every city. The best known and loved ones are the fishing competitions in trolling from a boat in summer, on the first weekend after the Midsummer Day; the international competitions in the ice-fishing in February - March in Tuuri (Province Pohianmaa); the national contest for the biggest fish.

According to statistics, more than one third of the population in Finland is keen on fishing. This is not just a tradition, this is a kind of powerful industry, which is supported by the state and which provides everything: from the abundance of fish in any water area of the country to the wide range of services and entertainments.

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