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Fishing Regulations in Finland

There are some fishing regulations in Finland, the observance and strict fulfillment of which is controlled by the state. The infringers of fishing regulations in Finland are imposed the fines, which are rather considerable. There are the distinctive features of fishing on the Aland Islands and in some regions of Northern Finland.

- If you decided to go fishing in Finland, you should first pay the permission of the water owner (at any post office, in sports shops or in nearby cafes and filling stations), and to buy a license to fish in any fishing center.

The licensing of fishing in Finland is based on the principle: what fish, with the help of what and how to catch. If you just help and don’t use any fishing gear, then you don’t need the permission. Those who are going to catch only with the help of fishing-rod don’t need a license, too. The children and the old people have an opportunity to get any license to catch fish free of charge.

- Besides, you should pay the state duty for the restoration of fishery resources and for the permission to fish on bait (if you haven’t the permission of the water owner).

- It is obligatory to take for fishing all the paid receipts and documents about your age (privileged category), because there are special “fish” inspectors in Finland.

Tourists can get the detailed information about the fishing regulations, the species of fish, seasonal restrictions and payment as well as the competent advice in the numerous fishing centers in Finland. It is also possible to hire any fishing equipment there.