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Telephone communication in Finland

Telephone has firmly entrenched in our modern life. It is difficult to imagine nowadays, how people can do without such necessary device.

Finland has well-developed both international and domestic telephone services. You can easily call to any country in the world from any payphone, which are almost everywhere. Herewith, you can use the coins as well as the special telephone cards, which are sold in newspaper R-kiosks, shops and post offices of the country.

Calls from Finland

In order to call to any other country from Finland, you should act as follows:

- dial 00, 990, 994 (or 999);
- dial the code of correct country;
- dial the code of your preferred city;
- dial the number of subscriber.

Calls to Finland

If you want to call to Finland, you should follow this algorithm:

- dial 8;
- wait for the dial tone;
- dial 10 - 358;
- dial the code of preferred city without first digit (it’s usually 0);
- dial the number of subscriber to call.

Calls to emergency services in Finland

In case of need everybody can call to emergency services in Finland from any its point free of charge. Number 112 is for high-priority call to emergency ambulance, Fire Service and police. In addition, you can contact the police in Finland on the number 10022. 

Useful phone numbers in Finland

There are some useful telephone numbers for the tourists in Finland:

- 118 – Refferal Service (addresses, phone numbers);
- 9600/8100 - Refferal Service at the airportat Helsinki - Vantaa (round-the-clock);
- 169 37 57 - travel agency in Helsinki;
- 700 700 - taxi in Helsinki;
- 189 31 80 - Lost and Found office.

Mobile telephony in Finland

Mobile telephony is alco at the service in Finland. Mobile telephony operates smoothly in all regions of the country. DNA, Cubio, Elisa, Saunalahti and Sonera Telia are the main GSM operators of “mobile” Finland.

Roaming in Finland

Roaming services are provided by all major mobile operators in Finland. Tourists, who are planning to travel, should only be clarified at the service of their telephone network about the fact of connection of roaming and its cost.

Connecting to the cellular telephony in Finland

If you're the frequent visitor to Finland, it is better to connect to the Finnish cellular telephony network (it's slightly cheaper the roaming services). As for tourists from Russia, the tariff plans with pre-payment services are most suitable option for them.

You can buy the following starter packs of Finnish mobile operators in the R-kiosks, which are located in all cities in Finland:
- Sonera Easy,
- DNA Prepaid,
- Kolumbus Prepaid,
- GoMobile.

The process of connecting to the cellular telephony network in Finland on the above rates passes the following stages:

- purchase the starter pack (you’ll get SIM-card, instructions on connecting (not in Russian!) with the specified number of your phone and the necessary PIN- and PUK-codes);
- setup the SIM-card into the phone;
- input the PIN-code.

Some operators send your first phone call to the service center. This allows choosing automatically the language for the future providing the official information.
You should replenish your account with the use of special cards of additional payment – “latauseteli”, which can be purchased in Finland in cellular shops as well as in stores.

Travel SIM-card in Finland

You can purchase travel SIM-card (or goodline, or simtravel) in Finland in the offices for the sale of mobile communications. The feature of this SIM-card is unlimited validity without making any license fee. You should only replenish the balance as needed. Moreover, the passport information isn’t required for its registration. 

You’ll be able to use such travel SIM-card in 163 countries of the world, because it has a single international number.

Rules for using mobile phones in Finland

When using mobile phones in Finland it’s recommended to respect the laws of the country. It concerns the calls while driving.

Drivers in Finland are allowed to use the mobile phones just in case if there are special devices for this in order to have free hands. This law applies also to the moments of stops at traffic lights and sitting in traffic jams.

The violators of these rules will pay a fine.