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Traditions in Finland

Folk customs and traditions are thoroughly kept in Finland. Finns handed down them from generation to generation and faithfully true to them. Originality, loyalty to national cultural values, respect for their historical past are the inherent features of Finnish character and way of life.

Finns - very educated and aristocratic nation

Finns are to be very educated and aristocratic nation. Taciturnity, thoroughness, calmness are the significant features of these people. They were formed in the process of survival in harsh natural conditions.

The traditional hospitality and warm welcome of Finns harmoniously compliment the natural beauty and wide opportunities for recreation in Finland. Finns are always friendly; they are known for their steadiness, correctness, singleness, they appreciate punctuality, thoroughness and slow pace in all cases.

The love of animals in Finland

The descendants of hunters, Finns are very fond of dogs, which are considered to be their first friends and assistants. There are a lot of farms for breeding Siberian huskies in Finland. Many people keep dogs at home. Dogs’ sledding is the unforgettable fun for tourists in Finland.

The love of sport in Finland

Finns teach to love sport since the birth. Physical training and sport occupy an important place in the life of every citizen in Finland. Sport is supported and encouraged by the State.

 Skiing, sauna and fishing are the most favorite hobbies in Finland. Healthy lifestyle, wise attitude to family and nature – this is the guarantee of prosperity in Finland.

Traditional hospitality in Finland

There is an ancient legend about the goblins – gnomes, which look after the Finnish houses. This legend is displayed in the "wide" soul of Finns. With the same cordiality and sincerity they are to the guests of their country. Finns do not hurry anywhere, they enjoy every moment of their life and provide the excellent conditions for all visitors, make them to live with pleasure.

Finnish cuisine

Traditional Finnish dishes are simple, unpretentious and very nourishing as well as Russian ones: soups, porridges, soft drinks from wild...

Holidays in Finland

There are some national holidays in Finland: - January, 1 - New Year, - January, 6 - Epiphany, - In April - Good Friday, Easter,...

Sauna in Finland

One can notice a special attitude to baths in Finland. It has become a cult place, where you can not only wash yourself, but you can restore...