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Skiing Finland

Finland is a northern country, which is rich in snow and frosty winters. This country is famous for its ski resorts and winter sports centers. Tourists enjoy the plenty of attention to their own persons at Finnish resorts. There are excellent conditions at the ski resorts, which meet the requirements of the most exacting visitors.

Skiing resorts in Finland – holiday for everybody

Skiing resorts in Finland will satisfy the tourists of all ages and with variable degree of training. Almost all Finnish resorts have the slopes of varying difficulty as well as special children’s and alight trails, skiing trails, etc.

There are different entertainments for snowboarders at the resorts, such as “Street”, “Super-pipe”, “Half-pipe”, “Quarter-pipe” and “Border Cross”.

There are various types of lifts (chairlifts, rope tows, «wonder-carpet», children’s, rope-way “Levy Gondola”). Between the slopes and hotels or cottages at many skiing resorts for the convenience of tourists runs so-called “ski bus”.

Rental equipment and training at skiing resorts in Finland

Tourists will have the opportunity to rent the equipment for winter sports at all Finnish skiing resorts. Professional instructors and special skiing schools are for individual and group training there. There is a system of discounts at every resort.

The high level of service at ski resorts in Finland

The high level of service awaits the guests in hotels, cottages, bungalows, private houses and villas, which are equipped with everything necessary for valuable and quality recreation at skiing resorts in Finland.

Winter activities at skiing resorts in Finland

In addition to Alpine skiing and simply skiing, you’ll be able to make a snowmobile or motosledge safaris, dogs, reindeer or horses safaris and safari on Finnish sledge as well as snowshoeing, ice skating. You’ll be also able to take part in ice- or snow-carting, ice-fishing or diving, etc.

Summer holiday at the resorts in Finland

The resorts in Finland will please their visitors in summer, too. At tourists’ service are: golf, tennis, volleyball, darts, boating, canoeing, fishing, cross-country safaris, hiking trails, cycling, riding, rock climbing, rafting, different cruises, etc.

All comers will be able to train in many gyms and sports complexes, to take a smoky steam bath, to relax and taste the national dishes in restaurants, cafes and bars, to go shopping, to make interesting excursions.

Water parks and SPA in Finland nearby the skiing resorts

Tourists in Finland can draw away from the vast expanse of snow in water parks and water SPA-centers, which are situated nearby the skiing resorts:

- “Fontanella” in Siilinyarvi (at a distance of 4 km from the resort Kasuri, of 40 km from Tahko and of 50 km from Maarinvaara);

- “Katinkulta” at the resort Vuokatti;

- “Aurinkorintela” in the village Horyunsalmi (in 30 minutes drive from the resort Paljakka);

- “The World of Halla’s Saunas” at the resort Ukkohala;

- “Kuusamon Tropikki” in Kuusamo (at a distance of 25 km from the resort Ruka and of 90 km from Salla);

- “SPA Hotel Levitunturi” (at a distance of 100 m from the slopes at the resort Levi, and in 1 hour from the resort Yllas);

- “Bomba SPA” in Nurmes near the resorts Koli;

- “Holiday Club Saariselka” at the resort Saariselka;

- “Amethyst SPA” at the resort Luosto (at a distance of 20 km from the resort Pyuhya);

- “Puuhamaa” at a distance of 18 km from the resort Kalpalinna;

- “Eden” in Nokia, not far from the resort Ellivuori;

- “Rauhalahti” in Kuopio, near the resort Kasuri;

- “Alvaro Aalto” in Jyvaskyla;

- Water center in Pudasyarvi (at a distance of 55 km from the resorts Isosyuete and Pikkusyuete), etc.

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