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Night entertainments in Finland

Night is not just the dark part of astronomical day. It's an original psychological temptation, a way of dissolving all the hardships of everyday life in the magic sky, an opportunity to get rid of problems, responsibilities, fuss.

Many-side night life in Finland

Many-side night life in Finland is independent from time. It is “whirling” at its own “wave”: bright, uncontrolled, fashionable ... Numerous outdoor terraces, bars, rock concerts, dance floors, cafes, restaurants and night clubs will welcome you with the fireworks of lights and the fascinating atmosphere of rhythms.

Finns live with pleasure: they like to laugh heartily, to dance, to give a treat to themselves with a delicious meal, to chat about life, fashion, to discuss the latest news, etc. This friendly people, even being over drink, usually fly right, friendly, reservedly.

That’s why it’s rather safe at night in Finland – this country is considered to be one of the most comfortable in Europe according to the criminal situation.

The categories of establishments in Finland according to the sale of alcohol

Some cafes and restaurants in Finland don’t offer any alcoholic drinks. The rest ones are divided into three categories (usually marked at the entrance) according to the right on selling the alcohol:

A - any alcoholic drinks,
B – alcoholic drinks with 22% strength,
C - alcoholic drinks with a maximum strength of 4,7%.

Smoking in Finland

Smoking is allowed in the special places - «tupakkahuone», where you shouldn’t bring the alcohol. The intractable guards strictly keep order and the observance of rules.

Dress-code at night clubs in Finland

As for dress-code at night clubs in Finland, you have the full freedom of choice there. The only thing – you shouldn’t come in a sportswear, because you’ll be just don’t understand (and do not let pass in). Besides, in casino after18.00 the men are preferable to be in suits.

The operating schedule of entertaining establishments in Finland

Many of the entertaining “points” don’t work on Sunday, before the labor week.

The other days some entertaining establishments are opened at noon or at 20.00-22.00 and pleased their visitors somewhere to 2.00-4.00.

On Friday and Saturday the admission is chargeable, but on weekdays you can get at night clubs free of charge.

However, in general – this is not a cheap pastime: beauty is a price to be paid for it, so do the entertainments.

Age requirement at night clubs in Finland

Age requirement is kept within at many night clubs in Finland. That’s why it would not be out of place to take any proper document just in case.

How to get home at night in Finland

You’ll be able to get home at night in Finland by taxi or by special night buses. You should only find out beforehand the schedule and the circular routes.

Popular night establishments in Finland

The most popular dance clubs in the capital of Finland - Helsinki - are «Arkadia», «Botnia Club», «Budapest», «Hype Club», «Merihotelli», «Paasicheria», «Teatteri», «Vanhan Kellari», «Vanha Maestro».

Noteworthy are the following VIP-clubs in Helsinki: «Aladdin», «Cafe Adlon», «Hesperia Night Club», «Kaarle XII», «Kaivohuone», «Kappeli», «Manala Bar», «Mikado», «Night Marina», «Page», «Planet Hollywood».

“Casino Ray” at the hotel «Ramada Hotel Presidentti» is the only casino in Finland of the international standard. It will offer hot-tempered people various services: game-playing machines, restaurant, bar, instrumental music, roulette wheel, poker, thematic parties and other activities.

You’ll be able to listen to the “real” jazz at «Hot Tomato Jazz Club», «Royal Cotton Club», and «Storyyille».

Erotic restaurant «Mermaid» in Helsinki and cabaret-restaurant “Royal Kakadu” with the show of female and male strip-tease will make an impression on you, too.