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Water cruises in Finland

Water cruises in Finland - wonderful pastime

Finland can be rightly called “the kingdom of snow”, “the museum of nature” and “the water power”. The proximity of the Baltic Sea as well as numerous lakes and rivers in this wonderful country give a lot of wonderful opportunities for various cruises on the water expanses.

Snow-white beautiful liner, which is filled with colored lights, on the crystal clear water surface, bordered by the shores with beautiful landscapes under the dome of blue sky - what could be better! Water cruises in Finland will give tourists many unforgettable impressions.

Cruises on the Baltic Sea

Cruises on the Baltic Sea aboard the comfortable ships are the essential part of modern holiday in Finland. If you want something more simple and close, it is possible to arrange a walk along the coast by a small motor vessel. However, no matter what ship you’ve chosen, the endless water expanses will capture you due to their mystique and will create the indescribable feeling of unity of space and time.

Modern cruise companies offer many different versions of sea voyages for the choice of clients: from the simplest to the most luxurious. In all seasons Finland will surprise the tourists with bright moments and wonderful opportunities for cruises on the Baltic Sea and the Saimaa Canal.

Modern ships - mini-cities

Modern conquerors of sea depths – liners, ferries, yachts – look like more than the whole cities for recreation, rather than just the ships. The most demanding traveler will hardly find fault there.

Modern ships are equipped with the latest technology. They will give their passengers the fairytale extravaganza of SPA and swimming pools, cafes and restaurants, discos and casinos, cinemas and playrooms for children, shops, tennis courts and even football fields. There are all recreational facilities aboard the big ships for a quiet and measured travelling with maximum comfort.

The variety of cruise routes in Finland

Finland offers interesting routes of water cruises, which pass through the most unique places of the country and acquaint the tourists with its famous attractions and wonderful northern nature.

Companies “Viking Line” and “Tallink Silja”

Cruises to the Aland Islands (Mariehamina), in Turku, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga and Rostock from the capital of Finland - Helsinki are carried out all year round by two well-known companies – “Viking Line” and “Tallink Silja”.

Cruise ferry “Princess Mary”

In addition, in 2010 the ferry service between Finland (Helsinki) and Russia (St. Petersburg) was resumed. The tourists got a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their rest and to appreciate the real empire of comfort and entertainment - 10-decks cruise ferry “Princess Mary”, which is owned by St. PeterLine.

The popularity of water cruises in Finland

Water cruises in Finland are very popular due to a decent service, opportunities for a comfortable relaxation and well-thought-out extensive program. If this sphere of travel services in Finland will continue to improve and develop, the water cruises will take the traditional place on a par with Finnish sauna, winter activities and fishing.