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Hunting in Finland

Finnish forests give to natives and tourists various opportunities for hunting of more than 60 species of mammals and birds, including such big animals like bears, elks and deer, wolves, lynx as well as roe deer, foxes, badgers, raccoons and muskrats. There is also the abundance of birds: ducks, quails, grouses, black grouses, etc.

Hunting regulations in Finland

The most important thing for hunting in Finland as well as in any other civilized place is the observance of certain established rules, which depend on season, and the presence of a license for hunting.

- Native hunters should always be the members of the Finnish league of hunters. There are more than 250 thousands members in it in Finland.

- You should also have a proper license and a special license for keeping and use of weapons (including rifled ones).

- No less important term is the existence of a special hunting card (actual for 1 year). The location of animals and birds for shooting, prescribed quota of the institutions of hunting and fishing as well as the payment of state due and insurance are marked in this card. About 6% of the population in Finland has these cards. Foreign tourists, who wish to hunt, should have the hunting card (hunting license) of their home country or pass the examination-test.

- The hunters should also get beforehand the hunting permit of the owner of the land, where hunting is planned. They also can get such document in the local organs of government.

- The lovers of hunting for big animals should pass the tests for accuracy on stationary and moving targets every three years in order to get a special certificate for three years.

Hunting for elk in Finland

Hunting for elk is the most popular kind of hunting in Finland. The “elk” season begins in late September and lasts until mid-December. The isthmus between the lakes Suvasvesi and Dzhuoyarvi has won the fame of the best place to hunt for elks.

Hunting with a bow in Finland

Hunting with a bow is practiced in Finland, too. His kind of hunting has a long history – it appeared more than 25 thousand years ago.

This kind of hunting requires the refusal of many modern advantages and the presence of certain skills and abilities: the search of traces, the sniper accuracy, the unobtrusive approaching, correct selection of equipment and special care of it, deep knowledge about nature, etc.

This spectacular kind of hunting has become a way of life, a tradition for many hunters – the ardent followers of active sports and environmental consciousness.

So, as you see, you should seriously and beforehand prepare for the hunting in order to have no any questions and unforeseen situations. And then fortune will smile upon you and you will enjoy the unforgettable experience of the power of man over animal.