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Family recreation and entertainments in Finland

Children are loved in Finland very much. Their spontaneity and ability to enjoy the life are appreciated there. Perhaps, that’s why there is doing a lot for entertaining the kids. Children in Finland have many opportunities for fun, for enjoying the unique time of childhood.

Entertaining parks in Finland are the fantastic cities

Numerous parks of recreation and entertainments in Finland will pleased not only their young guests, but also their parents. Such parks will present the excellent impressions of side-shows. You’ll forget about everyday troubles and worries and fully enjoy the rest and happy children’s laughter there.

The parks of entertainments in Finland look like the fantastic cities, where you will be able to ride different attractions as well as to have a rest at a cafe or restaurant, to watch a movie or theatre performance, to go shopping, to take part in games or lotteries.

The compulsory condition during visiting such parks is the observance of safety rules on attractions.
The criterion of admission to attractions in Finland is not an age, but a height: less than 100 cm, less than 120 cm, less than 140 cm, more than 140 cm, but not more than 185 cm.

Popular parks for family recreation in Finland

The most famous and popular entertaining parks for the whole family are:

- “Santa-Park” in Rovaniemi,
- “Moomi-troll’s World” in Naantali,
- “Green Valley Viherlaakso” in Jyvaskyla,
- “Linnanmiaki” in Helsinki,
- “Siarkanniemi” in Tampere,
- “Tykkimiaki” in Kouvala,
- “Vassalandia” in Vaasa,
- “Puuhamaa” in Tervakoski,
- “Kesiamaa” in Punkaharju,
- “Visulahti” in Mikkeli,
- “Powerland” in Alahiarmia,
- extreme-park “XON” in Mikkeli.


The home of Santa Claus is hard to imagine without the thematic park of entertainments. “Santa-Park” is not far from the northern city Rovaniemi. This is a year-round park with attractions and entertainments. It will open before children and adults the door to the magic fairy-tale of Christmas.

You’ll be able to ride the “Christmas carousel”, to fly by Santa’s helicopters, to see different theatre performances, to play games, to visit exhibitions and slide-shows, to travel by dog sled or snowmobile in this vast indoor complex among the permafrost and snow of the Arctic Circle. You’ll find the unforgettable meeting with Santa and ask the gifts for a New Year as well as other exciting adventures.

Souvenir shops and cozy cafes are tat the services of visitors in “Santa-Park”.

“Moomi-troll’s World”

Magical “Moomi-troll’s World” is an island on the coast in the small idyllic town Naantali near Turku. This park offers the recreation for the whole family. In spite of the absence of extreme attractions in this park, the valley of Moomi-trolls, with good reason, is considered to be one of the best thematic parks in the world.

In this fairy park, which is full of kindness, you’ll say goodbye to your bad mood and have a rest from a fuss. Children love the heroes of Tove Jansson very much, they are watching their lives with pleasure, they are photographed with them and find different interesting activities themselves.

Theatre “Emma” will offer the visitors various miniatures about Moomi-trolls and different tricks.

Round blue house, towers, slides, swings, Moomi-train, the grotto, the pool of Moomi-Father, the labyrinth, Moomi post-office, cafes and shops, the observatory and the beach, - everything will delight the guests of the “Moomi-trolls World” and leave the lasting impressions.

“Green Valley - Viherlaakso”

There is the entertaining park “Viherlaakso” not far from Jyvaskyla. “Viherlaakso” means in translation “green valley”. This park is the well-known home of a mouse Hilarius, which is famous due to the TV serials.

“Viherlaakso” will remain in your memory because of interesting places and entertainments, such as the House of Mouse with towers from cheese, the Fairy House, the Castle of Sleeping Beauty, the Witch’s House, different labyrinths and adventures.


Capital entertaining park “Linnanmiaki” is the most popular and visited park in Finland. There are different attractions both for children and adults. The entrance to the park is free of charge. You can also buy a ticket for the whole day on all the attractions or buy the tickets for each one.

Among the 40 attractions in the park there are the most popular ones:

- “Kirny” - height-25m; with carriages, which are flying at the speed of 60 km / h and flipping upside down;
- “Vuoristorata” - height-24m and length-960m length (maximum speed - 60 km /h);
- “Salama” - length - 420m, height -17m; with 4-local rotating carriages (speed 60 km / h);
- “Raging Stream” (“Huryyakuru”) – length - 370 m, with whirlpool and waterfall;
- “Raketti” - attraction, which lifts to the height of 60m for 2, 5 sec. with the reverse free fall;
- “Kieputin” – attraction, which is rotating and revolving at the height of 14 m;
- “Kieppi” – the carousel for adventurous people; diameter - 17 m;
- panoramic “Overhead Railway”;
- 35-meters “Big Dipper”, which offers the wonderful view of Helsinki;
- “The Cave of Horror”;
- “Ancient Carousel”;
- different carousels for children, etc.

You’ll also find the sight tower “Panorama”, 4D-cinema, games, lotteries, restaurants, cafes and shops in the entertaining park ‘Linnanmiaki”.


Entertaining park “Siarkanniemi” is located on a peninsula, which is washed by the beautiful lake Niasijarvi. It compares well with the capital entertaining park “Linnanmiaki” by the quality of recreation and attractions. Many-sided park “Siarkanniemi” will allow you and your children to feel a lot of unforgettable sensations in the period from late April until the beginning of autumn.

You can buy a one-time ticket to ride (for children - below cost) or simply entrance ticket to the park (without the services of attractions) as well as a ticket at half price the next day (when leaving the park).

Among the 35 attractions for all tastes the most popular ones are: “Buran”, “Tornado”; “Wave”, “Floatable River”, “Lowering along the rapids”, ‘Corkscrew”, “Vikings’ Ship”, “Funny tricks”, “Tromby’, ‘Half- Pipe”; for children – “Pigs’ Train’ and “The Magic Wheel”. There are 8 different “American Slides”, “The Cave of horror” and “Distorting Mirrors”.

There are also other interesting places: Dolphinarium with daily performances, Planetarium with multimedia sky, aquarium with over 200 species of fish, children’s zoo, sight tower “Niasinneyla”, the Modern Art Museum of Sarah Hild.

Besides, they’ll not let you dye of hunger: there are many restaurants, cafes and fast-food, which will gladly offer menus for any taste.


“Tykkimiaki” is considered to be the third largest entertaining park in Finland. Frog is the symbol of the park. This park is situated in the middle of the beautiful scenery of green forests, near Kouvala.

Both adults and children will find any activity on any taste there (games, entertainments, the performances of popular Finnish actors, of brass bands). More than40 attractions will present them a lot of new experiences and feelings.

The entrance to the park is free of charge. The tickets to attractions are sold. The possible option is a seasonal ticket “Gold Passport”.

You’ll be able to ride in “Tykkimiaki”:

- the bicycles- frogs at a decent height;
- “Starflayer” (72 m in height) - the pair of seats, which are rotating on chains with a speed of 70 km/h and are lifting;
- the Big Dipper “Koyuvola-puora”;
- “Tromby”;
- the house “Up-and-down”;
- “Nostalgia”;
- “Riemuralli”- the attraction for kids, etc.

You can also watch the reptiles in the terrarium, visit the exhibition, have a meal in pizzeria, restaurant “Raveliini” or visit the ”Pavilion delicateco” in this park.


The park of family entertainments "Vassalandia” is situated on a sunny paradise island Vaskiluoto in Vaasa. It will give pleasure and a fascinating holiday to the visitors in a period from early May to late August.

You are expected by the unusual adventures on the board of pirates’ vessel, the dizzy descents along forbidding rapids (about 400m) or riding the breathtaking attractions.

You’ll have the unforgettable impressions after visiting “The World of Transport”, “The World of hoppers”, the “world” of children’s carousels “Tivoli”, “Wild West” with the hall of arcade, the Castle with ghosts.

In addition, this wonderful island will give you an opportunity to get to the water park “Tropikliandia’ with variety water entertainments and SPA-treatments or to camping “Top Camping Vaasa”, or to ride to the city center by city train “Lilliputian”.

You can also play mini-golf, swim in the Gulf of Finland and sunburn on the beaches in the park in summer. You’ll be offered the services of Finnish sauna with swimming in the ice-hole in this park in winter.

There are some restaurants, cafes, snack bars, the special area for a barbecue in the park, too.


Unique many-sided center of family recreation “Puuhamaa” will offer you more than 60 different recreational facilities for leisure both for children and adults.

There are racing tracks, a water park with waterfalls “Victoria”, high-speed tube slide and other water slides, the archery, the “sea of balls”, pirates’ ship, the attraction “Jungle” in this center.

You’ll be happy to play the “air washer”, computer games as well as to get acquainted with a fantastic bear Puuha-Nalley and find a lot of different entertainments.


Unusual family entertaining center “Kesiamaa” turns into the original “Summer Land” of entertainments in summer, and in winter - in “Talvimaa” – the “Winter Land” with its fun.

There are more than 40 different exciting entertainments in “Kesiamaa”: slides for surfing, water slides, heated pools, the artificial lake with boats, motor-racing circuit, the construction for climbing, trampolines, the playground for mini-golf, etc.

Souvenir shop and cafeteria are at your service there, too.


The center of family recreation “Visulahti” is located in Mikkeli, at the lakeside of Saimaa - the largest lake in Finland. It offers the guests various entertainments.

Different slides and carousels, the outdoor pool, the hall for games are waiting for you in the children’s park “Dinosavria”.

You should also visit the Car Park and the exhibition of vintage cars, the Museum of wax figures, the water park “Rantakyulia”.

You’ll be able to have a barbecue, to play tennis or mini-golf, to ride bikes, catamarans, and in winter – to try yourselves on the Finnish sleigh, snowmobile or to ski in “Visulahti”.

Camping, saunas, restaurants, cafes and shops are at your service there, too.


There is the most modern entertaining park “Powerland” in Alahiarmia. It is opened from May to September.

There is also the motopark “Powerpark”.

The park “Powerland” will offer you different entertainments, such as “American Slides”, river lowering, “Big Dipper”, various carousels, “Viking’s ship”, carting and other fun.

Extreme-park “XON"

The park of extreme entertainments “XON” is deserved a special attention. This park is for adults – the amateurs of “thrill”.

In a safe and accessible way, with the help of trained personnel you’ll be able to fly in the “catapult” to the height of 35m, to jump into the “abyss” from the height of 40m on the “Benji”, to sport on the mega trampolines, to become an astronaut inside the sphere “Zorbing”, to try the giant swing, to play paintball.

Besides, you’ll been offering there to see native natural sights during the row or snowmobile safari.