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National parks in Finland

Unique northern nature in Finland is immersed in a pristine silence. It is disturbed only by fascinating birds’ singing and placatory sounds of the vast water expanses. National parks in Finland are the perfect places for relaxation from the furious pace of modern life.

Finns fully appreciate this fact. They try to do all their best to protect Mother-Nature, which gives the opportunity of obtaining strength and energy for a full human existence on the Earth.

Finland – the country of ecotourism

Finland promotes ecotourism. Thanks to it, you can not only have a rest close to nature and enjoy her beauty and wealth, but you also can examine its problems, learn many new facts and realized the importance of environmental protection.

Finland – the ecological "paradise”

Finland can rightly be called the “ecological paradise”, because the problem of nature preservation and augmentation is very seriously perceived there.

There are 19 nature reserves and 35 national parks in the country. They are directed to protect nature above all.

The first national park in Finland - Puhatunturi

The first national park in Finland - Puhatunturi - was founded in 1938, then its territory was expanded and in 2005 this park was renamed in Puha-Luosto.

Since 1956 the creation of national parks has become one of the principal directions in the protection of environment in this country. 7 national parks appeared in Finland in 1956.

National parks and reserves in Finland

National parks are intended for general visiting, rest and acquaintance with unique northern nature in Finland. One should conform to the rules of restrictions in movements in nature reserves, where different scientific studies are held.

The most interesting tourist routes in national parks are designed and marked up. There are special places for overnight stops, camping and a campfire.

Traveling throughout the parks is allowed only on foot or by boat. It’s also possible to organize the delivery to some difficult regions by helicopter.

Tourists will find all necessary information about recreation opportunities and restrictions on certain activities in the information centers of national parks.

These protected corners of nature enjoy wide popularity: every year about 2 millions of people are delighted the untouched beauty of forests and swamps, rivers and lakes in Finland.

The largest national parks in Finland

The largest national parks in Finland are:

- Lemmeniyoki (1956) - 2850 sq km;
- Urho Kekkonen (1983) - 2550 sq km;
- Pallas-Yulljastunturi (or-Ounastunturi) (2005) - 1020 sq km;
- The Coastal Islands (1982) - 500 sq km;
- Syote (2000) - 299 sq km;
- Oulanka (1956) - 279 sq km.

The most attended national parks in Finland

Such national parks as Pallas-Yulljastunturi (or-Ounastunturi), Oulanka, Urho Kekkonen, Nuuksio, Puha-Luosto, Repovesi, the Coastal Islands and the Archipelago Tammisaari are the most loved and attended by tourists.

Unique national parks in Finland

You'll find something special, unique and unforgettable, its own “flavor” in each of these remarkably beautiful places. You’ll be able to visit the real kingdom of caves and waterfalls, vast valleys and curative coniferous forests, mountains, hills and enigmatic marshes, enjoy the crystal waters and pure air...

After visiting some national parks in Finland, you’ll deeply feel and realize all the charm and value of nature.

National parks in Eastern Finland

You will enjoy the nature of 10 national parks in Eastern Finland and Oulu: - Linnansaari (1956) - 38 sq km, - Petkeljarvi (1956) - 6...

National parks in Finnish Lapland

There are 7 national parks in Finnish Lapland: - Lemmeniyoki (1956) - 2850 sq km, - Oulanka (1956) - 279 sq km, - Riisitunturi...

National parks in Southern Finland

Southern Finland will offer you the sights of 9 national parks: - Liesjarvi (1956) - 22 sq km, - The Coastal Islands (1982) - 500 sq...

National parks in Western Finland

You’ll admire the beauty of another 10 national parks in Western Finland: - Puha-Hakki (1956) - 13 sq km, - Helvetinjarvi (1982)...