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National parks in Eastern Finland

You will enjoy the nature of 10 national parks in Eastern Finland and Oulu:

- Linnansaari (1956) - 38 sq km,
- Petkeljarvi (1956) - 6 sq km,
- Rokua (1956) – 4, 3 sq km,
- Hiidenportti (1982) - 45 sq km,
- Patvinsuo (1982) - 105 sq km,
- Tiilikkajarvi (1982) - 34 sq km,
- Kolovesi (1990) - 23 sq km,
- Koli (1991) - 30 sq km,
- Syote (2000) - 299 sq km,
- Repovesi (2003) - 15 sq km (partly in Southern Finland).


The island on the lake Haukivesi is covered with untouched forests and the Mountain Linnanvuori rises over them. You’ll find there many excellent opportunities for water tourism, hiking and skating in winter.

There are the populations of Saimaa seal and osprey in park Linnansaari. This national park provides with the places for camping. Various excursions are organized there, etc.


Enchanting beauty of the Lake Koitere, majestic mountain ranges and untouched forests in the park Petkeljarvi are very good for a one-day hiking.


You’ll get into the kingdom of sand dunes, bordered by the mountain range in park Rokua. Pine peat forests and lakes will share with you their life-giving energy.

Tourists will be able to see the huge sand crater Sjuvjujudenkayvo (“deep well”); they will be offered many interesting excursions, etc.


The majestic canyon with sheer cliffs, the valley Hiidenportti with swamps and wild forests, dark swamp lakes (demon’s Hiysi “eyes”) are in this national park.

You’ll also find there interesting tourist routes, carefully preserved cultural landscape, a remarkable ancient tar-works and so on.


The swales (60% marshes) alternate with the hills, numerous finny rivers and lakes in park Patvinsuo. You'll be wonder at the variety of local fauna and flora, the abundance of cloudberry and cranberry.

Tourists will be able to make a 1-2-days hiking, to watch birds and so on.


Forests, swamps and Lake Tiilikka with its wonderful sandy beaches are suitable for unforgettable walks on the marked paths, traveling by boat or canoe, skiing, fishing, etc.


You’ll absorb in the atmosphere of silence and the sounds of wild nature on the islands Vaajasaari and Mjantjusalo in national park Kolovesi. Severe cliffs carefully keep the rock drawings back 5000 years in the mountains Ukonvuori, Hajukkavuori and Vierunvuori.

You’ll have the opportunity of making the boat and walking tours. If you'll be lucky, you’ll see the rare fauna and flora representatives (Saimaa seal and so on).


The west bank of Lake Pielinen, the mountains Koli and white quartzite cliffs, the variety of fauna and flora are in national park Koli.

Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the traditions of slash and burn agriculture, to see the crevice Uhrihalkeama for the sacrifice in the rock and the cave Pirunkirkko (“Devil’s Church”), to ride a cable-way.

Active nature-lovers will be able to make different walking-tours on marked paths (60 km), to take part in environmental camps. You'll also find a nice rest at the skiing resorts Loma-Koli and Ukko-Koli.


There are 2 skiing resorts Isosyoete and Pikku Syote in the area of the hills Iso-Syote and Pikku-Syote, which are surrounded by wild taiga forests.

They offer many different opportunities for a good rest. This national park has 5 marked hiking routes. You’ll be able to visit the Nature Center and to get acquainted with the natural features of this area.


Park Repovesi has about 250 lakes, pine forests, hills, rocks, stones…

One can admire the picturesque landscapes from “Elving’s” tower (20 m), walk on suspension bridge or take a walking tour and water route to the most beautiful places.

The park is equipped with places for having a rest, for camping. There are cottages for tourists. You can do rock-climbing, fishing, gathering berries and mushrooms there, etc.