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National parks in Western Finland

You’ll admire the beauty of another 10 national parks in Western Finland:

- Puha-Hakki (1956) - 13 sq km,
- Helvetinjarvi (1982) – 49, 5 sq km,
- Isojarvi (1982) - 19 sq km,
- Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas (1982) - 57 sq km,
- Lauhanvuori (1982) - 53 sq km,
- Salamajarvi (1982) - 62 sq km,
- Seitseminen (1982) – 45, 5 sq km,
- Puuriarvi-Isosuo (1993) - 27 sq km,
- Kurjenrahka (1998) - 29 sq km,
- Leivonmjaki (2003) - 29 sq km.


Untouched old forests with ancient trees in this national park are the ideal place for many rare birds, insects and plants.

Tourists will be able to walk on 2 marked paths. The park is suitable for a one-day trip, even in winter.


Mysterious ancient deep gorges, wild forests, fjords, lakes and swamps, huge boulders, unique flora and fauna attract a lot of tourists in this park.

The hiking route “Pirkan Taival” and the crevice Helvetinkolu enjoy wide popularity of tourists. In the park You’ll have the opportunity of making a one-day trip or staying at the camping-site, having a rest on the beautiful sandy beach Haukanhieta or canoe-paddling, etc.


Due to the proximity to the famous resort Himos this park (in translation Isojarvi means “Big lake”) attracts many tourists in every season.

You’ll find here the interesting Museum of timber rafting. There are ideal bicycle routes along the pictorial places, marked hiking paths. It’ll be better to follow the routes, because the forest in this park is very wild, partly difficult to traverse.

There are many beautiful finny lakes, comfortable places for having a rest. There is spring water in the wells. Fauna and flora is various there. There are a lot of stones.


Dry pine forests and large high bogs dominate in the landscape of this park. It is the ideal place for short trips and for watching the birds.


Dry pine forests, springs and streams, swamps, a lot of stones will surround you in the park, which is located on the plateau Lauhanvuori.

Tourists will find various winter funs in the recreation center “Parra”; they’ll organize picnics in the open air and so on. You’ll be able to know more about this place in the centers of nature “Lauhansarvi” and “Muurahaynen”.

Comfortable country houses with all conveniences, cafe-restaurant for 100 persons, several types of sauna (smoke, physiotherapy, peat-therapeutic, traditional), dance pavilion “Lauhan Tahti” will offer their services to the visitors.

There is the wide choice of activities in this park: hiking and skiing routes, riding the snowmobiles, walking on snow in special shoes, etc.


Various ecosystems of pine forests on the rocks, lakes and marshes, fauna and flora in this park attract the tourists, who appreciate quiet and measured rest.


There is the complex mosaic of forest (with the predominance of old coniferous forest) and marsh ecosystems in this park. It is ideally suited for the short trips.

You’ll also be able to open up the long hiking route “Pirkan Taival”. The farm Kovero (1859) keeps up the cultural heritage of this national park.


This national park mainly consists of the unique landscapes of marshes and Lake Puuriarvi and stretches along the river Kokemjaenjoki. There are many species of birds.

Tourists will be able to make interesting one-day trips on marked paths (6 km), on natural paths (1 km and 4 km), to observe the birds from the watchtowers. You’ll be offered skiing, canoe-paddling and rowing. One can swim in the rivers Kokemjaenjoki and Ala-Kauvatsanjoki.


Some prehistoric artifacts of the Bronze and early Iron ages were found among the untouched swamps and old forests in the pristine wilderness of the park Kurjenrahka. It offers you 10 circular hiking routes with a guide, places for camping and a campfire (more than 150 km).

There are organization of excursions, outdoors food, overnight accommodation for the tourists here and other services.


You’ll find the proximity of marsh lowlands, lakes and forest landscapes in this park. Tourists will be able to wander along some easy paths (about 18), to sit by the fire or to stay at the campsite.

This is the excellent place for swimming, canoe-paddling and rowing, fishing and ice-fishing and so on. There is a wonderful view on the lake Rutajarvi from the 1, 5- kilometers Cape Youtsriemi. You’ll also admire the view on a picturesque road in the southern part of the park from the ridge Haapasuonharu.