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National parks in Southern Finland

Southern Finland will offer you the sights of 9 national parks:

- Liesjarvi (1956) - 22 sq km,
- The Coastal Islands (1982) - 500 sq km,
- The National Park of the eastern part of Finnish Gulf (1982) – 6, 7 sq km,
- The Archipelago Tammisaari (1989) - 52 sq km,
- Torronsuo (1990) – 25, 5 sq km,
- Paijanne (1993) - 14 sq km,
- Nuuksio (1994) - 45 sq km,
- Valkmusa (1996) - 17 sq km,
- Repovesi (2003) - 15 sq km (partly in Eastern Finland).


In the middle of forests, lakes and mountain ranges in the park Liesjarvi you can inspired with the real history of a Finnish forester’s life in the late 19-early 20 centuries. There is a preserved country estate.

The Coastal Islands

Several thousands coastal islands and cliffs, which are covered with forests (fir, silver fir, birch, oak, ash, aspen) and meadows, became a home for 25 species of mammal (including elks, seals, grey seals, American minks), 132 species of birds and the other representatives of fauna.

Visitors will be able to see some interesting sights in this park: the lighthouses on Bengtsker and Nete islands, the wooden church on Nete Island, the stone church on Hari Island, etc.

The National Park of the eastern part of Finnish Gulf

Approximately 100 small islands (less than 1 sq km) far off the Archipelago, which are partly covered by forests, are the habitat of rare birds and plants. You’ll be impressed by the huge rocks on the islands, defensive caves and guns, which have been preserved since the Second World War.

It’ll be also interesting to visit the old fishing village Tammio.

The Archipelago Tammisaari

The Archipelago Tammisaari is also known as national park “Ekenesskiy archipelago”. It stretches from the open sea to inside skerries and Elga Island. The local point of interest is the lighthouse Yussare.


There is well-preserved ecosystem of upland bogs. About 100 species of birds and some rare species of butterflies live there. Torronsuo Park is a favorite place for the outdoor rest and for gathering cranberries.


You’ll be charmed by the beauty of the deepest and cleanest Lake Paijanne with many islands. In summer you’ll be able to get acquainted with this national park, while traveling by water on launches from the cities Padasjoki, Asikkala, Sjusma as well as from Lahti, Jyvaskyla and Heinola.

Another exciting way is a picturesque road among the water, which connects the range of the island with bridges. Swans are the frequent decoration of these places.


Typical landscapes of Finnish wild nature are protected from encroachment by impassable marshes and rocky relief. About 40 small lakes and ponds, steep cliffs, forests, groves, boulders and swamps are the habitat for many unique animals and birds: lynxes and deer, bears and squirrels, flying squirrels, forest and water birds.

This park has many comfortable (with stairs, bridges over the swamps and through the ditches) hiking routes with different lengths and complexity: 2 km along the shore of the Black Lake (Mustalampi), 4 km around the Shchuchje Lake and so on.

There are special places for having a rest and a campfire. You’ll be able to gather mushrooms and berries there.


The untouched world of nature in this park looks like the northern landscapes of Kuusamo in Lapland. Usual swamps are painted with the unusual colors of the North: emerald moss, ruby and amber-covered marshes, bright-blue water, all tints of green on the rare trees…

There are special places for having a rest and bridges for walking on the marshes. One will find a tower for observation the animals or contemplating the landscapes. Pure air…


Park Repovesi has about 250 lakes, pine forests, hills, rocks, stones…

One can admire the picturesque landscapes from “Elving’s” tower (20 m), walk on suspension bridge or take a walking tour and water route to the most beautiful places.

The park is equipped with places for having a rest, for camping. There are cottages for tourists. You can do rock-climbing, fishing, gathering berries and mushrooms here and so on.