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National parks in Finnish Lapland

There are 7 national parks in Finnish Lapland:

- Lemmeniyoki (1956) - 2850 sq km,
- Oulanka (1956) - 279 sq km,
- Riisitunturi (1982) - 77 sq km,
- Urho Kekkonen (1983) - 2550 sq km,
- Perjameri (1991) – 2, 5 sq km,
- Pallas-Yulljastunturi (or-Ounastunturi) (2005) - 1020 sq km,
- Puha-Luosto (2005) - 142 sq km.


Natural complexes of taiga and forest-tundra with pine woods, moorlands, hills, rivers and marshes have served as a good basis for developing the attractive walking-tours.

In addition, you’ll be able to admire the waterfall Ravadaskengas, to take part in the competitions of gold miners, to hunt reindeers, to do trekking and so on in park Lemmeniyoki.


The valley of the river Oulanka is covered with untouched forests. One can find rich and various fauna here: 30 species of animals, more than 120 species of birds, 7000 species of insects.

The Maanselka ridge and canyon as well as the famous hiking tours - “Bear’s path” (80 km), “Little bear's path” (12 km) - will leave the unforgettable impressions. You can also relax from civilization in a comfortable hotel in the park Oulanka.


The Riisitunturi hilltops, Canyon Korouoma, the lakes Livojarvi and Kitkajarvi are specially designed by nature for fascinating hiking tours, skiing, rock-climbing, rowing and fishing.

Urho Kekkonen

You’ll appear in the middle of hilly expanses, untouched forests and mysterious valleys in park Urho Kekkonen. You’ll surely be charmed by Northern Lights and the herds of reindeers.

There are comfortable places for outdoor rest. You’ll be offered many tourist walking-tours. You’ll be able to take the advantages of the resort Saariselka, to visit the hill Korvatunturi with the house of Santa Claus, etc.


About 30 islands and reefs, which are covered with meadows, juniper wastelands and the thickets of stunted trees, reveal to tourists a lot of fascinating landscapes of the Baltic Sea.

You’ll be able to make boating, to walk to the old fishing village (1 km), to watch birds and so on in park Perjameri.

Pallas-Yulljastunturi (or-Ounastunturi)

Mountains, forests and marshes in park-Pallas Yulljastunturi are the great place for skiing resorts.

In addition to skiing, tourists will be offered here different hiking tours (Varkaankuru), snowmobiles’, reindeers’ or dogs’ safaris, hiking in inflatable rubber dinghies or canoes, ice-hole diving, rock-climbing and fishing, etc.


You’ll be able to have a marvelous rest at the skiing resort among the untouched nature of the south ridge of hills in park Puha-Luosto.

Tourists will get acquainted with the culture of the indigenous population, enjoy the snowmobiles’ or dogs’ safaris, ice fishing, visit the “Holy Mountain” (the hill Puhatunturi), the Nature Center of national park, etc.