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Winter safari in Finland

Modern safari means a fashionable form of extreme tourism, implicative the tours along the impassibility of roads through the wilderness, along the national parks, deserts, safari-parks as well as hunting.

The word “safari” is from Africa. It means the removing somewhere deep into the farther places for hunting. In this case one should properly disguise as the surrounding area in order to achieve the results. The suitable clothing was also named “safari".

Safari in Finland

The national peculiarities of movement on the hunt in ancient times as well as in everyday life in the abundance of snow in Finland are connected with the concept of "safari". Modern Finnish safari is a popular exotic holiday.

The variety of winter safari in Finland
Finland in winter will give its visitors the opportunity of various safari, each of which is distinguished by its specificity: by dogs, by reindeer and by snowmobile. Exactly because of these unpretentious means of transport you will be able to appreciate the magical beauty of the vast expanse of snow, of northern nature, which is frozen in expectation of a wonder in the lace of frost. You will break free from the shackles of the mad pace of life, you will relax, you will breathe in plenty of fresh, frosty air and, as a result, you will return from holiday with feeling as you were born anew.

Traditional winter safari in Finland

You’ll be just not understood, if you don’t ride the traditional “transport” of this northern country - a dog sled and reindeer - during your visit to Finland.


Dog sledding safari

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Reindeer safari

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Snowmobile safari

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