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Dog sledding safari

Husky (as well as the other breeds of dogs) are the real friends and helpers of Finns. During dog sledding safari you should master the art of driving the dog sledge, because these animals often have their own views on the route. Perhaps, it’s rather interesting to trust the animals’ instincts. But you shouldn’t forget, that the person drives the sledge, and not vice versa.

Dog sledding in Finland

Dog sledding can gather speed to 25-30 km/h. Clever dogs usually choose themselves the speed according to the density of snow.

The number of animals in a harness (4-6) depends on the weight of the driver, the luggage and the duration of travel (walks up to 1 km or hiking tours for some days).

Each harness is the unique team with one or two leaders at the head.

The selection of dogs-leaders takes place in a puppy age by special tests, which are different in every northern region. A good leader in a harness is of great value.

Dog sledding safari at the skiing resorts of Finland

Dog sledding safari is available in many places in Finland. And it is particularly prevalent in the north of the country - in Lapland and in the eastern part of Finland.

Exciting races are waiting for you at the skiing resort Himos in Central Finland, Saariselka, Rovaniemi, Ivalo in Lapland. The real lovers of extreme will appreciate the trip along the mountain Lapland in Muonio on the territory of national park Pallas-Ounastunturi as well as the other routes.

The organizers of safari will provide all comers with warm clothing and footwear. They will teach you the skills of driving the dog sledge and will acquaint you with all necessary rules.

Hardworking, affectionate huskies will win your love and recognition forever. Their observations and driving the dog sledge is a real pleasure!