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“Moon City” Kuusamo is the most beautiful place in Lapland. It is situated on the eastern border of Finland in the region Oulu and is considered to be the gates to Lapland.

A bit of history of Kuusamo

In place of the first nomadic Laplanders in 1673 Finns settled down and the village became a city in 1868.

Untouched nature of Kuusamo

Extant untouched nature of these places captivates with its splendor of crystal-clear rivers, lakes and mountain sceneries. Your soul and body will perfectly relax there at any time. A person becomes a part of nature in Kuusamo, imbues with the spirit of wandering.

National park Oulanka

You’ll have an opportunity to return back on thousands years ago in a period of glaciers thawing in the national park Oulanka. One can admire beautiful untouched nature here with its predominance of ferns, charming orchids “lady’s slipper”, cliff flora and delicate white arctic lilies… There is unique fauna in Oulanka: 30 species of mammals, over 120 species of birds, 7000 species of insects.

Beautiful rocks, rapids and canyon Oulanka are looking forward to meeting their conquerors. Rivers Kitkajoki, Kuusinkijoki, Oulankajoki and others as well as lakes will appear in all their glory before you and will share their gifts with the fishermen. Followers of active leisure will be pleased of the possibilities and variety of hiking routes.

Nature in Kuusamo invites you to escape in the wild wood and to hunt, to hike or to splash out your adrenalin when crossing the suspension bridge over the blustery rapids and to experience many other pleasant feelings.

“Karhunkierros” (the length is 95 km) is the most famous route in Kuusamo. It mainly runs along national park Oulanka. There are a lot of places for having a rest, staying overnight and a campfire along the whole length of this route. You can travel not only on foot, but also by bike or go on horseback.

The fifth season in Kuusamo - Ruska

Tourists will find something to do for their liking at any time of the year in Kuusamo. Do you know the fact, that there are five seasons here? The fifth season of the year - Ruska - is a short period on the border of summer and autumn with characteristic vivid colors in nature.

Winter fun in Kuusamo

Kuusamo is remarkable for a long skiing season, which usually lasts until the end of April. Tourists will be offered the variety of winter fun: skiing, skating, snowmobiles’, reindeers’ and dogs’ safaris, ice-climbing and so on.

The largest skiing resort in Finland - Ryka, which is situated at a distance of 20 km from Kuusamo, will give you the excellent opportunities for winter sports. The skiing season starts there in October.

“Kuusamon Tropikki” - summer all the year round

One who wishes can visit water centre “Kuusamon Tropikki”, where summer lasts all the year round. You’ll remember its SPA-service with the abundance (over 1000) of different tropical plants, swimming pools, which are faced with stones, “sunny cave”, 10-meters waterfall with massaging action and the river with the opposite currents. Jacuzzi, water slide with tunnels, Charcot’s douche, separate pool for children, saunas, balmy bathes and physiotherapy, mud cure and, of course, bar and restaurants are at your service here.