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Accommodation for rent in the region Oulu

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Portal will acquaint you with the most attractive for tourists features and sights of this Scandinavian country.

Ecologically clean region Oulu

The region Oulu in Finland is situated in the central part of the country. Oulu is one of the cleanest areas in the world, which has not yet corrupted by civilization. Two provinces of this region - Pohyois-Pohyanmaa and Kainuu - consist of 43 communities. The most important cities of this region are: Oulu, Kayani and Raahe.

The sights of the main city - Oulu

The main city in this region is Oulu. This is a busy modern city with wide opportunities for family and youth recreation and shopping. It is considered to be the cultural and educational center of the country. Tourists will be pleased to relax in the shady alleys of the park; they’ll be able to visit the historic estate of the city, the Center of Science “Tietomaa” and many other interesting places.

The best system of cycling routes in Oulu

You’ll find the best system of cycling routes in Oulu: 370 km of beautiful route is buried in the verdure of Oulujoki river’s banks and runs along the coastal marine belt.

Interesting events in the region Oulu

There are some regularly interesting events in Oulu: the International Children’s Film Festival, musical and theatrical festivals, rock festival, the competitions on midnight golf, the championship of Finland on winter swimming, etc.

Leisure in the region Oulu

The region Oulu is famous for its scenic places for tourism and excellent fishing - Kuusamo, Poulanka and Kuhmo. Unique natural landscapes - hills, forests, ponds and marshes – will breathe force into travelers and share with them the life-giving energy.

The region Oulu is a well-known center of various water treatments, mud baths and “winter sunburn”.

You are waited in Oulu by the wonderful countryside vacation far away from civilization: clean air, friendly atmosphere, measured way of life, healthy home cooking...

City life and rest in the bosom of nature as well as housing in the region Oulu, without doubt, will leave the most pleasant memories.

You are welcome to the region Oulu in Finland!