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Unique city-resort Kuhmo was founded in 1865. It is situated on the border of northern and southern forests of Karelia. Modern Kuhmo is a major research center with electronics industry, which is actively developing.

Economy and ecology in Kuhmo

This city is exceeding the territory of Tokyo. Its economy develops taking into account the ecology. Wood industry in Kuhmo corresponds to international standards.

Fairy Village Joulukula near Kuhmo - another residence of Finnish Santa Claus

Fairy Village Joulukula in arctic snow and in the healing aroma of pine needles has become another seat of Finnish Santa Claus. In the magic forest you’ll be cordially taken care of by funny gnomes. They will offer you the delights of national cuisine and carry to the house of Santa. You’ll be able to walk along the “Crystal Country” and fairy forest, to visit the blacksmith, who will demonstrate his skills, and the forester, who will surely treat you a magic drink.

Sights in Kuhmo

Ancient Karelian village “Kalevala” is one of the the most interesting sight in Kuhmo. “Kalevala” is an open-air museum. Tourists will find a fascinating travelling into the history of Finland, will acquaint with its culture, traditions, rituals, crafts in this museum. Educational Center “Yuminkeko” will brightly demonstrate the events of famous Finnish epic.

The Center of wildlife “Petola” will give you the information about local fauna and will tell a lot of interesting facts about the large predators’ life.

Cultural life in Kuhmo

Modern technology is used in the Center “Virtuoso” for the development of musical knowledge and abilities.

There are perfect conditions for holding different concerts, dancing-parties, theatrical performances and various meetings in the Center of spiritual growth Kuhmo-Talo.

The International Chamber Music Festival “Spirit of Kuhmo”, which acquaints with the representatives of different cultures, has been holding in Kuhmo every summer since 1970.

Outdoor recreation in Kuhmo

Unique Friendship Park, which is protected by Finland and Russia, has united the most beautiful natural landscapes of taiga and Karelian forests.

You’ll be able to relax in the silence of forests, which are surrounded with white snowdrifts, and to escape from the daily problems in the tourist center “Kalevalankangas”. You’ll have the opportunity of skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, dog sledding as well as of cycling or fishing. In any way you'll be able to enjoy unique Finnish nature.

Hospitable Kuhmo

Hospitable and active local residents will cordially meet you and help to feel the extraordinary delight of staying in this outstanding land. The guests of this city will surely take with them as the souvenirs lovely soapstone and wood crafts of local craftsmen.