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Nature in Finland

Untouched nature is the main sight of Finland. It astonishes with its variety. You’ll admire the unusual beautiful landscapes of sea coast, the blue eyes of the clearest lakes and the lush greenery of thick forests. And among the hills, which are devoid of vegetation, there are many pearl strings of crystal-clear rivers and streams. The dome of the sky is sparkling with incredible, charming colors of cold and beautiful Northern Lights. It looks like a fairy-tale, doesn’t it?

The features of landscape in Finland

Taiga covers over two-thirds of the country. There are a lot of lakes and rivers in Finland. Water space is about 10% of the territory and it’s widely used for timber rafting and water communication. Plains dominate in the landscape of the country. The mountain Halti in Lapland is the highest point in Finland (1328 km above the sea level).

Northern latitudes and proximity to the sea affected on the features of nature in Finland. A lot of small rocky skerries are formed, because of indented coastline. These picturesque banks are very convenient for the natural bays. The protection from strong waves made possible to create the favorable conditions for navigation.

Fauna in Finland

Rich flora of Finland is favorable for the habitation of different animals: elks, squirrels, lynx, foxes, weasels, hedgehogs and hares. Brown bears and wolves are the real hosts of these places. Reindeer took a fancy to Lapland.

There is a freedom for more than 300 species of birds in Finland. One can see owls, hazel grouses, wood grouses, black grouses and other birds.

Such fish as herring, cod, flounder, salmon trout, pike perch and smelt, as well as salmon, grayling, trout and pike will fall on the fishermen’ hooks in the Baltic Sea, rivers and lakes in the country.

Finland - Suomi country, “the land of a thousand lakes”

Finland was correctly called “the land of a thousand lakes”. Lakes and rivers play an important role in attracting tourists in summer. One can find about 2 thousands rapids and waterfalls on the rivers in Finland.

The Saimaa is the most extensive lake region in Europe. It provides many excellent opportunities and facilities for canoe-paddling and fishing as well as for making the water tours and cruises. You’ll certainly enjoy the amazing scenery of the Saimaa surroundings.

Besides, Finland is called Suomi, because this is the country of marshes.

Finland – “the land of the midnight sun”

Another definition of Finland is “the land of the midnight sun”. White nights, when the sun hardly hides behind the horizon, will leave the unforgettable afterglows.

The unique nature of Finland

Even in a big city in Finland, you will always feel the fresh breath of unique untouched nature. You can enjoy the beauty and originality at any time of the year, because of the distinctive seasonality there.

Nature in Finland will give you its wealth in summer as well as in winter. Thanks to well-developed service, you should only choose, what kind of rest do you wish, active or calm.