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Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland. It appeared in 1346 as an important trading center. Modern Porvoo has the signs of traditions from different ages in its culture. At the same time this city dynamically develops and stays business and commercial center.

Distinctive architecture and layout of Porvoo

The distinctive feature of this city is its medieval architecture and layout. You’ll have the unforgettable impession of traveling into the past while walking through the cobblestone streets with low red-brown houses near the craft shops and wooden barns along the embankment.

Some history of Porvoo

Porvoo in translation means “the river, which flows past the fortress”. This city keeps a lot of interesting historical facts. According to legend, Porvoo was a place for romantic story from Russian emperor’s and the beauty Ulla Mellarsvard’s life. Ulla Mellarsvard became the maid of honor at the Russian court.

Reigning persons of Romanovs have been often there. In 1809 there was a very important event for Finland: Tsar Alexander 1 approved the religion, the Constitution and the laws for estates in the Cathedral of Porvoo.

There is a great post road or “Royal Road”, which is partially preserved. It connected Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki with St. Petersburg.

Historical souvenir of Porvoo

Porvoo has the unique historical souvenir - the mug of Porvoo, which gave the term “Porvoon Mitta” - the mug with double bottom.

Interesting tradition in Porvoo

This city is also famous for its tradition: the promoting of the most kind and cheerful students. Such children in Porvoo are handed the statues of smiling boys and girls, which are specially made for them in Pirkko Kariajnen’s studio.

Sights in Porvoo

Porvoo has always been the center of Finnish culture. There are many interesting places and tourist attractions. Wonderful view of the city is from the hill, where once stood the castle.

The excursions to the Old Town and to Town Hall Square are always popular with tourists in Porvoo.

You’ll see the fur coat of Alexander 1, the fan of aforementioned Ulla Mellarsvard and other valuable artifacts in the Historical Museum, which is in the old Town Hall.

Unusual museum “"Overboard” will take you to the repair shop, where in the middle of the last century boat engines have been repairing.

The so-called district Ampir in Porvoo is worth seeing. There is the museum of Johan Ludvig Runeberg - Finnish national poet, the author of national anthem “Maame”. Johan Ludvig Runeberg has been living there with his family since 1852. In the cafes of Porvoo you’ll be offered the poet's favorite cakes by his wife’s recipes til nowadays.

The neighboringt quarter will acquaint you with the collection of sculptures by Walter Runeberg, the poet's son.

The Museum of Natural Sciences, the Museum of Dolls and Toys, Albert Edelfelt’s museum-studio, the open-air museum “Post Hill” in village Ilola, the oldest chocolate factory “Brunberg” (1871), the farm-mini-zoo “Kungs-Bakka” are also worth visiting.

Cultural events in Porvoo

Tourists in Porvoo in summer will be able to get to the festival of steam engines, to feel the spirit of freedom at the festival of gypsy music, to buy delicious Finnish herring and rustic bread at the markets in nearby villages Epoo and Pellinki.

Active rest in Porvoo

Active rest in Porvoo is available in summer as well as in winter. You’ll be able to go fishing, to ski, to play golf, to fly by aerostat, to ride a bike, to do rowing boat or canoeing, to take a cruise and simply to enjoy nature.

Restaurants in Porvoo

The visitors will have a wonderful time and meal in the picturesque log home of 18-th century, which is the famous restaurant “Vanha Laamanni”, as well as in a snail restaurant “Timbaali” or in unusual restaurant-ship “Glukauf”.