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Mikkeli (1838) is considered to be one of the oldest settlements in Finland. This ancient city is located on the lakesides of Saimaa. It was named in honor of St. Michael. Mikkeli is surrounded by rivers and lakes, which are creating the unique scenery there. Modern Mikkeli is a major tourist center.

The economy of Mikkeli

Mikkeli has developed woodworking and metalworking, electronics, timber and food processing industries. There are the biggest in Europe plywood mill and the gravure printing in Mikkeli. Tourism, especially family vacation, is at a proper level in this city.

Active holidays in Mikkeli

This ancient city gives travelers the excellent opportunities for various tours, cruises by ferries or boats, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, for different kinds of sport and other entertainment in all seasons.

Adults and children will surely enjoy the tourist center “Visulahti”, where they’ll be able to appreciate the variety of entertainment: the park of water attractions “Dinosavria”, children's transport town, motopark, the Museum of wax figures, the exhibition of vintage cars. Travelers will have the choice of accommodation in camping, cabins or cottages. Cafés and restaurants are for their services, too.

Risk-takers should certainly visit an extreme park “XON”. You’ll be able to be “shot” out the catapults, to jump on megatrmpoline, to step into the abyss from 40-meter hight, to become a cosmonaut and to rotate in a special bowl in “XON”.

Fishing Center “Kaihunlanden-Kalaskusteskus” will provide the excellent opportunities for fishermen as well as for those, who wants to pass the unapproachable rapids Nukala canoeing or rafting.

Tourists will enjoy their accommodation in comfortable cottages and will acquaint with sights in Mikkeli.

Sights in Mikkeli

You’ll find the Military-Historical Museum of infantry, the Museum of main rate, Communications Centre in the city buildings, which have been saved.

There are many places, which associate with the name of Marshal Mannerheim in Mikkeli: his office at the rate of Command in school building, monument on the central square, his personal saloon car, Marshall Club.

Cultural-Historical Museum “Suur-Savo” will tell the history of Mikkeli and the region as well as demonstrate the items of peasant household.

Art Museum in Mikkeli, Gallery “Ari”, the Center of Photographic Art will gladly meet with the art lovers.
You’ll be impressed by the monumental building of red brick in neo-Gothic style – the Cathedral (1897).

You’ll be able to know the church culture in stone vestry Kivisakasti, which is in former church Savilahti, in rural parish church in Antolla, in the Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael and other local churches.

There is an original in its architecture lookout tower “Najsvuori”, on the top of which there is a cafe.
It’ll be interesting to visit the mill Harjukoski (1870) with two millstones. There are sauna and two barns in the courtyard of this mill. You’ll be also able to walk in the park “Agua”.

You can listen to classical and rock music in the congress hall “Mikaela”.
Wooden architecture will be known in Yuva.

Shopping in Mikkeli

The main shops in Mikkeli have rather convenient location: they are in the city center and close to each other.

Mikkeli for Gourmet

Numerous cafes, bars and restaurants will delight the gourmet with national dishes of Finland, Italy, Mexico, etc.