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Aland Islands

Aland Islands

Accommodation for rent on the Aland Islands

Our portal – will help you to find accommodation for rent in Finland as well as to book it online. There are different accommodation options for every taste and purse on the Aland Islands: hotels, cottages and villas, houses and apartments. will introduce you the way of life, the natural beauty and recreational facilities in different regions of Finland.

Aland is the largest island of the Aland Archipelago

The Aland Archipelago consists of 6400 islands at the entry to Gulf of Bothnia on the south-west of Finland. There is about 25 thousands of population on these islands. It was named after the largest island - Aland.

Various definitions of the Aland Islands

The Aland Islands with good reason are called the “the Pearl of Scandinavia”, “state within a state”, “Northern Monaco”, “the islands of peace”, “the islands of millionaires”.

The province of Aland

The province of Aland is the part of Finland, but it has its own provincial government, its own flag and its culture. Swedish is the official language there; this is historically conditioned by the period of Swedish empire.

The Aland Islands are the unique kingdom of nature

Harsh cliffs, quiet bays and pine forests live in harmony with each other in the kingdom of nature on these unique islands.

Active leisure on the Aland Islands

The Aland Archipelago is a real treasure for people, who’d like to have a rest from the urban noise and to be absorbed in the atmosphere of peace and harmony. These islands are perfect for cycling, for different walking-tours, for the relaxation in the huts close to nature and, of course, for fishing.

The Aland Islands are the paradise for fishermen

The Aland Islands are the real paradise for fishermen. A lot of fishermen in Europe have heard about this wonderful place. The competitions on fishing salmon are held there every year.

Original culture of the Aland Islands

Acquaintance with the unique culture of the islanders, their folk dances, festivals and customs will allow you to become fully aware of the provincial charm of this nice place in Finland.

The sights of the Aland Islands

An ancient castle Kastelholm in the municipality of Soond on the east coast of the main island is one of the most interesting sights on the Aland Islands.
There are the Museum of State Prison and ethnographic museum of Jan Karlsgorden in the open air near the castle. You’ll see more than twenty traditional Aland homes and mills of the XIX century there. Visitors can taste the national dishes in the old inn.

Mariehamn is the main city of the Aland Archipelago

If you’ve missed civilization, you’d visit the main city of the Archipelago - Mariehamn. It was founded in 1861 by Alexander 2 and was named in honor of his wife Maria.

Popular places on the Aland Islands

Sand dunes in Degersand and Eckere, the beach “Lilla-Holmen” with peacocks and a small zoo, water park “Mariebad” with SPA-center are the popular places on the islands.

You’ll find some interesting museums there: of navigation, of fire fighting, of fishing and hunting. You’ll be able to take part in carting along the 650-meters track, to visit the safari-park in Eckere and so on.

You are welcome to the Aland Islands!