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Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland and the fairy haven of Santa Claus. This city is a popular with its winter fun and leisure.

Polar circle near Rovaniemi

There is the Polar circle at a distance of 8 km from Rovaniemi. Everyone, who crosses this “magic line”, receives as a present the special memorable certificate.

Frost in Rovaniemi is not a trouble

Strong frosts and storms rule at the end of winter in these places. However, frost is not a trouble for the ice marathon, motor sledges’ driving competitions, reindeers’ sledding races and other enthralling sights of winter holidays.

Severe climate is proved to be valuable for testing cars and motor sledges as well as for trainings in extreme winter conditions of Arctic Zone.

A bit of history of Rovaniemi

“Gold-rush” has contributed the economic growth of the city and its conversion into the capital of Lapland.
Next to nothing has remained from Rovaniemi after the Second World War. But now it is a modern city with beautiful new buildings and universities.

Sights in Rovaniemi

As for sights, it’ll be very interesting and informative for tourists to look at the bridge “Rafter’s Candle” with its eternal flame. It serves as a peculiar lighthouse on the River Kemijoki.

The factory-store of famous knives “Marttiini” is worthy of visiting, too.

Palace “Arktikum” is also rather interesting place. It combines into one the Arctic Center and the Regional Museum of Lapland. This palace was built in 1992 on the coastal steep. “Arktikum” is notable for its architecture. The museum tells us about the life, culture and traditions of natives in the harsh conditions of the North from antiquity to our time. There is a restaurant attached to the museum, where you’ll be able to taste national Lappish food.

The Arctic Center will acquaint you with the researches of natural phenomenon and social life out of the Polar circle; it will lift the veil of the mystery of shamanism. Both the adults and children will like the palace “Arktikum”.

You should necessarily give attention to the palace “Lapland” in Rovaniemi. It serves as the theatre and concert hall as well as the place of holding congresses.

The Museum of Forest in Lapland is remarkable, too. It’ll acquaint you with the history of wood-cutters’ life in Lapland at the beginning of the 20-th century.

You’ll look at items and instruments for fishing, reindeer herding and so on of the old days in the National History Museum of Peukkel. This museum will also tell you the history of peasants in North Finland.

There are many interesting sights and pictorial places out of the city. You’ll find the deepest in the world rocky tunnels - “Devil’s traces”, the place for rafting - 16-meters waterfall Auttinkengjas, the beautiful waterfall Molkokengjas, the Museum of Northern Lights in Pohijan-Kruunu, the Reindeer Park near Salla and so on.

Santa Park near Rovaniemi

There is an entertaining center - Santa Park at a distance of 5 km from the city among the permafrost. It is the covered complex with many attractions, playing grounds for children, exhibitions, souvenir shops and mini-theaters.

The Residence of Santa Claus not far from Rovaniemi

Fairyland waits for you farther - at the residence of Santa Claus, which is situated at a distance of 9 km from Rovaniemi. You’ll find here Santa's office and a post office, where everybody will be able to communicate with the fairy old man, to whisper in his ear one’s wish or to send a letter. Santa Claus will not disappoint anyone and will not set aside.

Santa lives with his wife in a hut far in the North, at a distance of 170 km from the capital of Lapland. His hut is hidden from the curious eyes and ears inside the mysterious mountain Korvatunturi, which looks like an ear. They say, it allows Santa Claus to hear the wishes of all children in the world.

There are many different workshops, cafes and restaurants, souvenir shops and the Central Post Office, where Santa’s indispensable assistants - the elves are working. They are always ready to accord a hearty welcome to all the guests. You’ll be able to send a real letter or package with gifts to your relatives or friends here.