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Climate in Finland

Finland is characterized by maritime climate on the coasts and temperate-continental one inside the country. Because of the proximity to the sea, the air in coastal areas is cooled in spring and it’s warmed in autumn. The closer to the north and the east of Finland, the more severe becomes the climate.

The Arctic Circle

About the third part of the country is situated beyond the Arctic Circle. The polar night lasts for 51 days, and then during 73 days there is the period of “white nights”.

Winters in Finland

Winters in Finland are snowy, cold, with moist air. There is snow around for 4-5 months, and for more than 7 months it’s in Lapland.

Summer in Finland

Summer in Finland lasts for 2-4 months, the season of growing plants continues from four to six months.

The average year temperature in Finland

Because of the warm Gulf Stream, the average year temperature in Finland is 5, 4 ° C. It is considered to be rather high for these latitudes. However, the refreshing westerly winds with cyclones are the frequent visitors there.

Precipitations in Finland

The average year number of precipitation in Finland is about 400-700 mm. There are usually less precipitations over the Arctic Circle and on the west, than inside the country. Spring in Finland is the driest time of the year.