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The northern city in the country - Kemijarvi - is situated in East Lapland beyond the Arctic Circle. There are rare habitations among the magnificent untouched nature of this place. You’ll find the landscapes of rivers, swamps and hills, which are covered with pine forests there. It seems that the city is literally lost among the lakes Pelienjarvi and Kemijarvi, and the river Kemijoki, which is so wide there, that looks more like a lake.

A bit of history of Kemijarvi

Laplanders lived on the territory of future Kemijarvi as long as Finns have come there. The first Finnish settlers arrived to these lands at the beginning of XVII century. By that time Laplanders have moved to Lapland, where they were busy with fishing.There were many conflicts between the settlers and Laplanders.

The village with the church of rural parish and nearby areas has become an urban village in 1957. Then it was consolidate with the village communities and got the status of the city in 1973.

The places of interest in Kemijarvi

The places of interest in Kemijarvi will acquaint you with the history, culture and the way of life.
The Ethnographic Museum looks like a typical age-old village house. You’ll find a warehouse, a smithy, a smoky sauna, a cattle-shed in the courtyard there. The museum will tell its visitors about the life of peasants in 1800-1900.

Pyystelli’s Art Center, which is located on the bank of the Lake Pelienjarvi, demonstrates fantastic wooden sculptures. This center looks like an old house-boat. It has existed since 1865, when they rafted logs along the river Kemijoki. You’ll also be able to see the masterpieces of woodcarving in the center of the city and in the boating harbor.

It’ll be rather interesting to visit the Museum of snowmobiles. There are a lot of old machinery and equipment.
There are cottages, hotel and camping not far from the boating harbor, where you can stay overnight. You’ll certainly notice a huge anchor with the chain of 12 units near the camping.

The cultural center can be recognized due to steel sculpture “The opening of the Arctic Circle”, which height is about 20 meters. There is a city beach, too.

There are four statues in honor of the victims of the Second World War and Civil wars near the city church (1951) and at the cemetery. The spire of wooden bell tower (1774) on the bank of the river is visible from afar.

Tourists will also find different sights in the outskirts of the city.
There is a beautiful chapel in the village Tapioniemi. To the north you’ll admire the unusual sculptures, which symbolize rafting. They sell products from natural stone nearby, in the village Vyostimo. You’ll find the largest electric power station in Finland – “Seytakorva” near the village Juyarvi.

Water park “Poykama” in Kemijarvi

There is a water park “Poykama” at a distance of 500 meters from the city center. It is supplied with slides, three swimming-pools, sauna and steam bath. You’ll have the opportunity of massaging and training in the gym.

National park Puhatunturi

The oldest national park in Finland – Puhatunturi, which was founded in 1938, excites a particular interest. The waterfall is very popular with tourists. It’s an unusual sight, even in winter, when the streams of water become frozen.
Besides, “Puhatunturi” is a famous skiing center and a place for walking.

Interesting events in Kemijarvi

The exciting snowmobiles racing are held in Kemijarvi in the spring, in March.
The week of wooden sculpture runs there in the odd years in June and July. It is attended by masters from different countries.
The football tournament “White Nights” will pleased its fans in June.

“Snow fighting” in Kemijarvi

Kemijarvi is also famous for the “snow fighting”. These championships are held every year there. Those wishing to participate in the “snow fighting” should contact the organizing committee and hand in the applications beforehand.
You’ll get the unforgettable impressions and good mood of such a rest for a long time.