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Joensuu in translation from Finnish means “estuary”. Joensuu is a modern European center in the east of Finland. Surrounded by green forest, Joensuu is perfectly located on the north lakeside of Puhaselka, at the estuary of river Pielisjoki. The river divides the city into two parts: western part, where is the city center, and south-eastern one, where are the railway and bus stations.

From the history of Joensuu

The first mentions about Joensuu dated the mid-1700, when the city was being built. It was founded by the Tsar Nicholas I in 1848. Due to the favorable location Joensuu became a major port in Finland by the late 19-th century. Since 1960 Joensuu has been the administrative center of Finnish province North Karelia.

National flavor of Joensuu – the “forest capital” of Finland

The life in the “forest capital” of Finland - Joensuu don’t stand still. The innovations of urbanization appear there as well as mushrooms after rain. And at the same time, this city manages to keep its national flavor.

Modern Joensuu

Modern Joensuu is a busy trade, transport, educational and industrial center in Finland. There are various research enterprises, university (1969) and ever-expanding service industries.

Leisure in Joensuu

This Finnish city creates the impression of a special place for heartwarming rest: it’s pleasant to walk along the central Pedestrian Street, to ride on roller skates or bicycle, to walk along the beautiful embankment and to breathe the fresh sea air...

Children in Joensuu will be happy to frolic at the special playgrounds.

City restaurants and cafes will please their visitors with the fresh aromatic pastries, will pamper them with the best kinds of beer in the world, will surprise with the delicacy and originality of national dishes.

Shops in Joensuu will hospitably open their doors to each buyer.

The lovers of active and exciting leisure will find in Joensuu a lot of things for everyone: water park, racetrack, sports center, karting, etc. You’ll be able to go fishing or skiing right in the heart of this city.

Sights in Joensuu

Joensuu will acquaint its guests with a variety of attractions.
First of all, tourists pay their attention to the City Hall building, observation tower and City Theater.

There are different museums in this city: the Museum of Fine Arts (1894), cultural and historical center Carelicum, the Museum of bunkers - the large part of fortifications on the western bank of Heutijajnen canal, the Museum of local lore Kiihtelusvaara, Museum in Koskenniska near the mill with inn of 1870, etc.

The churches of Joensuu are also worth seeing: Lutheran Church (1903), the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas (1887), the Iconostasis, which was painted in Alexander St. Sergius Lavra in St. Petersburg, the Church of St. John Theologian, the Church at the Orthodox Seminary, the Orthodox Church of Finland, etc.

Joensuu has a special flavor due to such places as children's fairy town Mukulankatu and the greenhouses of Botanical Garden “Botany” with exotic plants and tropical butterflies, which are freely fluttering there.

Exhibition Hall Taidekeskus Ahjo, Gallery Joensuun Taidetalo, concert and sports complex Joensuu Arena, which is made of wood, the Quarter of Arts with numerous souvenir and craft shops, small galleries, the Coffee house of Trade advisor and the Center for Applied crafts will welcome every visitor.

Cultural life in Joensuu

The city has diversified cultural life - annual music and film festivals acquaint with the main trends of music and movies in North Karelia. Joensuu City Orchestra fills the city with magnificent sounds of music for all tastes: from serious symphonic works to light dance tunes.

Attractions near Joensuu

The neighborhood of Joensuu will enjoy the tourists with interesting atractions. Don’t miss the Museum of old cars in Leeper (13 km), Zoo in Kitee (about an hour by car from Joensuu), Stone Center of Finland in Yuuka, which consists of the Park of stones, the Treasury and workshops-studios (75 km), National Park Koli (70 km) and etc.