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Lappeenranta is an administrative, industrial, commercial and cultural center in South Karelia. It was founded in 1649 on the lakesides of Saimaa - the largest lake in Finland.

A lot of Russian tourists are attracted with the short distance (only 16 km) to the Russian border, the convenient means of transport and railway communication with Russia and the other regions of Finland.

Lappeenranta constantly grows and develops. This city has quite good future trends.
Busy city life and the peace of countryside coexist in harmony in Lappeenranta.

The role of Saimaa Canal in the life of Lappeenranta

Saimaa Canal, which connects the lake with Finnish Gulf near Vyborg, plays an important role in the life of Lappeenranta and the country.

This 58-miles canal with 28 gateways appeared in the Emperor Alexander II time. At once it became the main arterial road for cargo transportations and passenger journeys. Since then Saimaa Canal attracts many travelers, mainly from St. Petersburg.

You’ll be able to visit with comfort many cities in Finland and enjoy the splendid exotic landscapes during the waterway along the Saimaa system of lakes.

Sights in Lappeenranta

The exposition of the Russian merchant’s Volkov House-museum (1826) will tell in details about the history of Lappeenranta.

The ancient fortress Linnajtus is the main historic place and at the same time the business center of the city. The building of this fortress began in 1721 by Swedes for their borders defense. It was completed by Russians later on. The fortress is fully restored today and you can appreciate its original form.

You’ll also find the oldest Orthodox church in Finland in Lappeenranta - the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Protection, which was built by Russian soldiers in 1785.

There are the Art Museum of South Karelia and the Museum of Horse Guards in Lappeenranta, too.

The special atmosphere of creativity reigns in the Museum of needlework. 

The Art Museum and Lutheran Churches are also worth visiting. 

Famous resort for the treatment of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases

There is a famous resort for the treatment of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases, which was built in 1824. It successfully helps not only Finns, but also foreign visitors.

Sport and rest in Lappeenranta

There are excellent conditions for sports and relaxation in the city today. Lake Saimaa is the ideal place for fishing, boating, diving, water cruises, water skiing and surfing.

There are special places for squash, badminton, ping-pong and tennis, billiard in the city sports complex. You’ll also find aerobics and fitness rooms, climbing wall, massage rooms and saunas there.

The wonderful golf course (9 holes) is looking forward to the lovers.
You can watch the horse races and running as well as to take part in these entertainments in Lappeenranta.
There are alight ski-tracks, ski jumps and slalom ice-hills at the skiing base “Huhtiniemi” in the city and its outskirts.

The festival of sandy figures in Lappeenranta

The unusual festival of sandy figures attracts many tourists in Lappeenranta every year. People of all ages, especially children, admire this enchanting sight. There is an impression that Finns have subdued and made to serve not only the snow and ice, but the sand, too. So nice are those man-made wonders of sand!

Shopping in Lappeenranta

Shopping lovers will appreciate the abundance of shops in Lappeenranta with constant shares, sales and discounts. High-quality warm clothing, different interior goods and, of course, fish specialties will find their buyers.