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The most “American” city in Finland - Lahti - is located on the lakesides of Vesiarvi in the Paijanne lake system.

Lahti – the city of carpenters

Lahti has been known as the city of carpenters since the ancient times. Woodworking, the production of furniture and fabrics occupy a significant place in the city’s economics to present day.

Some history of Lahti

Lahti is a deeply rooted city. According to archaeological digs, man lives for nearly 9300 years there. The oldest settlement of primitive man was found on the lakesides of Ankulusjarvi in Lahti.

This city was a small village in the Cold district in 1445, where the trade route to Vyborg ran. Lahti became an official city in 1905.

Cultural life in Lahti

It’ll be interesting to know the historical and cultural life of Lahti. The International Festivals of Organ and Jazz music, the exhibitions of thematic posters, different poets’ and writers’ seminars are held there every year.

City Orchestra is the pride of Lahti. It is famous far beyond the borders.

The Center for congresses and concerts “Sibeliystalo” on the lakesides of Vesiarvi is a significant place in the city.

Sights in Lahti

Tourists will get a lot of information in the City Museum of Lahti. It consists of the Historical and Art museums, the Museum of graphic arts, Ski Museum, the Museum of radio and television, the Museum of military medicine.

Art Museum was founded in 1950. The Museum of graphic arts, attached to the Art Museum, was opened in 1975. It introduces the audiences to the works of Finnish and foreign graphic.

Ski Museum is located at the sports center, near the well-known ski jumps. This museum was founded in 1974. It acquaints with the history of skis, skiing sports as well as with the achievements of Finland in this field. You can try to experience the feeling of flying on a special ski jump simulator in this museum.

You will learn the history of radio and television in the Museum of Radio and Television. Broadcasting system began to work in Lahti in 1942 among the first in the world. The symbols of Lahti -150-meters radio-masts were built in 1927.

The Museum of military medicine (1983) presents a lot of photos and documents from the wartimes of 1939-1945. There are also the exhibits, which tell about the army medical service in peacetime.

The House of City Administration was built in 1911 by the architect Eliela Saarinen. It underwent many severe trials. The City Administration and some city services were settled there at once. This building has survived until our days, in spite of the conflagrations and bombardments during the wartimes.

The main temple of Lahti – Church “Ristinkirkko” was built in 1978 in modernist style by the architect Alvar Aalto. Even the concerts are hold there due to the good acoustics.

It will be interesting to visit the churches “Launeen Kirkko”, “Youtjarven Kirkko” and the Orthodox Church of Lahti.

The Big City Library, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of St. Petersburg railroad, Lany’s Sculpture Park, Studio-gallery “Hokalinna”, gallery “Nuovo” and the biggest in Finland Musical fountain with highlight are popular with the guests of Lahti, too.

Experienced guides will gladly help you to get your bearings among these and other places of interests.

Sport in Lahti

Sport is the important part of life in this resort city. There are different championships in winter sports. Good conditions for playing golf are created in the outskirts of Lahti. Those who wish can take a cruise on the lakes Vesiarvi and Paianne.

There is the most popular sports center not far from the center of this city. The famous ski jumps has become the symbol of Lahti after many international competitions.

Shopping in Lahti

Besides, there are enough good shops in Lahti, where you can buy consumer electronics, furniture, automobiles and auto parts, building products and goods for household and interior design.