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"Sea Gate" and the industrial centre of Lapland - Kemi - is located in the north of Finland on the coast of Gulf of Bothnia, not far from the entry of river Kemijoki. Paper stock, paper and cardboard are the basic production here.

Kemi – rest at any time of year

Kemi will surprise and give pleasure for its guests at any time of year. Amateurs will admire the sights, visit different fairs, watch the sea regatta, fish, go for a walk along the outskirts and call on the birds’ reserve Martimoava. The most beautiful places in Europe - finny River Simojoki and a huge marshy wasteland Martimoava - enjoy the great love of tourists.

Sights in Kemi

One of the best in Europe Gallery of precious stones is worthy of notice in Kemi. It presents more than 3 thousands of stones and jewelry.

There are also two unusual sights in Kemi - Snow Castle and tourist’s ice-breaker “Sampo” - which have made this city famous all over the world.

Snow Castle in Kemi

Both children and adults will be astonished by the largest Snow Castle in the world with its unique greatness. Snow Castle is the excellent example of understanding nature. It shows the great talent and skills of native architects and builders.

The Castle was built in 1996 for the first time. And then it became so popular, that Finns began to create it every winter. The yearly renovation of the Castle’s design is its distinctive feature.

People of all ages will have a good time in Snow Hotel, Snow Chapel and Art Gallery with beautiful icy statues. At your service there are also bar, restaurant, sauna, park for playing snowballs and snow tunnels.

Snow Hotel in Kemi

You’ll be able to stay in Snow Hotel from November till the end of March. Many tourists are delighted with such “icy exotics”: icy beds, benches, tables. The temperature is kept at the level of -5°C in the rooms of the Hotel, but in spite of this there are a lot of tourists, who wishes to stay overnight here. The secret is in the special, very comfortable and warm sleeping bags. They will not allow you to freeze. There are even special double sleeping bags for married couple.

Snow Chapel in Kemi

Snow Chapel is a splendid place for the parishioners of different religions. There is the atmosphere of calm and peace in this wonderful Chapel. It is also often used for wedding ceremonies.

Snow Restourant in Kemi

Snow Restaurant, which is decorated with icy sculptures, will give you many pleasant moments. You’ll be able to sit at the icy tables on the icy benches, which are covered with reindeer fur.

Icy statues in Kemi

Beautiful icy statues in the Snow Art Gallery will enchant you with their magnificence, unforgettable light and sound effects.

Snow Castle is usually available for tourists from the end of January till the middle of April.

Tourist ice-breaker “Sampo” in Kemi

The ice-breaker “Sampo” is also very attractive for tourists. It’s the only ice-breaker in the world, which will offer you to put out the sea along the ice-bound Gulf of Bothnia from the middle of December to the end of April.

You’ll have the opportunity of renting this ice-breaker in order to pave your own way. The delivery to the ice-breaker can be organized at your desire: by snowmobile, dogs’ and reindeers’ sledges and even by helicopter.

You’ll feel a lot of ineffable impressions during the four-hour walk aboard the “Sampo”. The guides and crew members of the ice-breaker will tell you, why the 8-meters ice-field hacks to pieces and gives way to the ship.

The amateurs of thrills will be offered to swim among the ice. There are special warm waterproof clothes for this unusual entertainment.

Besides, you’ll find some new discoveries on the shore, too.