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For Hotel Owners

hotel Feel free to participate in our booking system as Hotel owners

The Booking Engines for our Holiday Home section and our Hotel Section are splitted. At the moment we have no possibility to enter single Hotels into our Booking Engine for Hotels. That does not mean, however, that you cannot advertise with us to get new customers. We offer a wide range of advertising services leading customers directly to you.

1. You can advertise your Hotel in our Holiday Home Section according to the following options: Make an offer for one of your rooms that will look like an offer for a holiday appartment or a serviced appartment. We require weekly prices for the Holiday Home Section and its search – please add there your basic prices. You can enter extra costs in section „Extras“ and your new customer will be able to calculate his/her costs of a stay in your place. You will receive requests from people searching in the Holiday House Booking Engine via email and you will have to process them by yourself. You'll be treated as a private owner of a holiday porperty. Your advertising contract will be similar to the one of a private owner of a holiday home with all its benefits.If you are interested in this participation in our system, feel free to register and publish your Hotel Room in our Holiday Home Engine. If you own more than one Hotel, please offer at least one Room per Hotel, as we can provide only one adress information per offer. We provide great packages for owners of serveral properties for a stunning price.

2. If you do not want to advertise your Hotel in our Holiday Home Section, you can place your banner directly where people look for accomodation: In your towns accomodationwebsites on MAX-TD Travel Guide network. Banner advertisement will be charged on a yearly basis and it is usualy (depending on your desired domain) as low costing as 20 Euro per month. Please contact our sales team at to clarify the details.

3. You can place a brief description of your Hotel in our Content Area or our News Section. We offer promotional advertisement containing articles for your Hotel and its additional services. Your Hotel description will be placed in our content section of this website and will not be linked to the booking engine – but you can post full adress, up to 4 photos and up to 2 direct links to your Hotel. People will be able to contact you directly through your given contact information. Please contact our sales team at to clarify the details.

By the way: All mentioned above offers are available in different languages for different auditory. We're able to provide you with contacts for cheap translations, generation of language landing pages for your hotel or even adaption of your banners in differnt languages. Just ask our friendly Sales Team at for their support.