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Rauma is a busy city on the west coast of Finland. It was founded in 1442. This city combines history, culture, modern industry, the developed services and wide opportunities for education.

After the Second World War Rauma became the industrial city with developed shipbuilding, metallurgy, paper and timber industries.

Many tourists are attracted by unsurpassed beauty of the sea and coastal islands, which can be reached by river tram. You’ll also be able to fish there.

The “language of Rauma”

You’ll hear the special dialect of Finnish in Rauma. Its sources are not completely identified, but it is obvious, that the status of port city had a potent influence on forming the “language of Rauma”. This language has absorbed the Swedish and English words as well as the single holdings from Estonian, Russian and French.

Sights in Rauma

Tourists can visit the Church of Holy Cross, which served as a Franciscan cloister in the XV century, and the ruins of the Church of Holy Trinity, which burned down in 1640.

You’ll find a lot of interesting in the Old City Hall, Regional Museum, Art Museum, Sea Museum, the ship owner’s house-museum “Marel”, the sailor’s house “Kirsty”, the house-museum of Theresia and Rafael Lennstrem and in the other sights of Rauma.

An Old City or Old Rauma

An Old City or Old Rauma is the unbroken historical wooden city, the largest one in Nordic countries, which has remained to our day almost unchanged. Many buildings were made in the neo-Renaissance style.

Business and public life boils up in this beautiful and original old city all the year round. The historic ensemble of the Old Rauma is included in the UNESCO list of world heritage.

Market Square is the place of business life in the Old City. You’ll find about two hundreds handicraft, jewelry and lace workshops around this square. The skilled craftsmen are working there nowadays, too.

Lacy business in Rauma

Lacy business has always a particular place among the other crafts in this seaside city. Virtually the entire population of Rauma was engaged in this craft at the end of XVIII century. Lacework is still the favorite hobby of many citizens in this city.

The “Lace Week” takes place in Rauma at the end of July since 1971. The masters from the whole country and from abroad show their talent and share the experience during this week.

Cultural life in Rauma

Cultural life in Rauma is rich with different events. Museums, galleries, theaters and shops with handicrafts will be glad to their visitors.