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During your visit to Finland, you should come by Elomäki, which is layed in North Karelia.

Recreation in Elomäki will offer the travellers unforgettable moments of exploring the original folkways of North Karelia, the history of Elomäki and unique alternatives for vacant hours in Elomäki and its environs. .

Finland can and must be proud of its unique nature. Your abode in Elomäki as well as in North Karelia - a wonderful possibility to become a guest of Finnish National parks. .

Holidays in Elomäki

Portal will provide the voyages the remarkable sights of Elomäki, its urban lifestyle and landscapes of North Karelia, opportunities for active leisure in Elomäki as well as in North Karelia.

Coffee shops and eating houses in Elomäki will pleased the guests with tasty and ecologically clean dishes, will attract the judges of food with finnish national meals, which are favourite in North Karelia.

Supermarkets in Elomäki will with pleasure open their doors to each consumer and will exhibit the merchandise of superior quality and at tolerable prices.

There are also many pleasant places for recreation the whole family in Elomäki as well as in North Karelia..

According to the advices of, trippers can make choice of diversetravel deals possibilities in Elomäki and in North Karelia and book them online.

Rooms and other possibilities of B&B in Elomäki and North Karelia are right for every demand. At the same time, all the alternatives of accommodation in Elomäki and in North Karelia are remarkable for traditional national hospitality and worthy conditions.

Recreation in Elomäki - a wonderful possibility to to get to know a lot about Elomäki and North Karelia, to be pleased with the original charm of Suomi, to become close to nature and to be infused with the positive energy of unique Finnish landscapes.