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Electrical goods in Finland

The shops of household appliances in Finland. The shops of household appliances in Finland.

It’s possible to buy various household appliances in Finland in such shops as “CruzBroker”, “Giganti”, “Hirvox”, “Musta Porssi Jatti”, “Tekniset”, “Tietoasema”, “Biltema”, “Clas Ohlson”.


Shop “CruzBroker” specializes in computer technology. “CruzBroker” is characterized with the latest computer innovations, fast and professional service and the wide range of special offers. 

In addition, the shop “CruzBroker” provides quick preventive and repair service. There is also a point for wholesale Internet service in“CruzBroker”, with the help of which you can order about 70 000 items at affordable prices. 

Shops “CruzBroker” are located in Finland in Kuopio and Lappeenranta.


The largest network of electronics stores in Finland “Giganti” will offer you decent range of household appliances and electrical goods from well-known producers.
There are various household appliances, photo, video and audio equipment, computers and office equipment, navigation devices, mobile phones and other goods at competitive prices in the assortment of “Giganti”.

You’ll find the stores “Giganti” in Finland in many cities: Espoo (2), Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kaarina, Kajaani, Kotka, Kokkola, Kouvola, Kuopio, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Lohja, Loimaa, Mikkeli, Oulu, Pieksämäki, Pori, Porvoo, Rovaniemi, Savonlinna, Seinäjoki, Tammisaari, Tampere (2), Turku, Vaasa, Vantaa, Varkaus, Ylivieska.


Chain stores of electronics “Hirvox” offer the variety of household appliances, video and audio equipment, digital and video cameras, computers, game consoles, mobile phones and devices.

You can visit the stores “Hirvox” in the Finnish cities Espoo, Hämeenlinna, Helsinki, Kuusankoski, Lappeenranta (Outlet), Porvoo, Vantaa.

“Musta Porssi Jatti”

“Musta Porssi Jatti” is a large electronics store in Finland. “Musta Porssi Jatti” represents the full range of various appliances, which accompany a modern man throughout his life and activities.

There are electronics for leisure in “Musta Porssi Jatti” (TVs and home theaters, audio systems and music centers, player Blue-Raw, media players and DVD, amplifiers and acoustics) and household appliances to help around the house (washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and dryers, food processors and juicers, coffee makers and kettles, electric appliances for health and beauty), and office equipment (computers and their accessories, printers, laptops), and digital equipment (cameras, photo and video cameras and their accessories) as well as navigators and mobile phones.

Store “Musta Porssi Jatti” in Lappeenranta is opened on weekdays - from 10.00 to 18.00, on Saturday - from 10.00 to 15.00.
The experienced shop assistants will help you not to get lost in the variety of goods in “Musta Porssi Jatti”.


“Tekniset” is the oldest network of electronics stores in Finland. There are more than 80 stores “Tekniset” in many cities of Finland. There is the wide range of different electronics in “Tekniset”: audio, video, photo equipment, computer equipment, household appliances, mobile phones, etc. 

You’ll be able to visit the stores “Tekniset” in Finland in the following cities: Anjalankoski (2), Espoo, Forssa, Hämeenlinna, Haapajärvi, Haapavesi, Haukipudas, Heinola, Huittinen, Imatra, Jämsä, Jarvenpää, Jalasjarvi, Joensuu (2), Kajaani , Kangasala, Kankaanpää, Karjaa, Karkkila, Kauhajoki, Kitee, Kokkola, Kouvola, Kuopio (4), Lahti (2), Lapua, Lieksa, Lohja, Mikkeli (2), Nokia, Nurmes, Palokka, Parikkala, Pieksämäki, Pori, Raisio, Rauma, Riihimäki, Rovaniemi (2), Savonlinna, Seinäjoki, Suomussalmi, Tampere (2), Tornio, Tuusula, Vaasa, Varkaus (2), Viitasaari, Ylivieska.


“Tietoasema” is a world of computer technology. There are computers and accessories, printers, external devices, software and accessories in the assortment of this shop.
Shops “Tietoasema” are located in Finland in the following cities: Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Mikkeli, Salo, Seinäjoki, Tampere, Turku.


The assortment of goods in the department store “Biltema” is limited in technical direction.There are the choice of different goods for leisure and hobbies, office supplies, household goods, goods for construction and repair, various tools as well as goods for automobiles and boats.

Stores “Biltema” in Finland are located in Espoo, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kaarina, Kempele, Lappeenranta, Raisio, Tampere.

“Clas Ohlson”

The history of this store began in 1918 in Sweden. The first suchlike center in Finland was opened not so ago - in November 2002.
You’ll find the wide variety of technical goods in “Clas Ohlson”: computer accessories, photo, video, audio equipment, office supplies and stationery, tools and appliances, household stuff, etc.

Stores “Clas Ohlson” in Finland are located in Espoo (2), Helsinki (3), Joensuu, Kokkola, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Lempäälä, Rovaniemi, Seinäjoki, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa, Vantaa.