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Ancient Uusikaupunki (in translation - New Town) is the twin city of Russian Novgorod. It is known for its car industry, beautiful wooden houses on the beach and the picturesque berth.

Sights in Uusikaupunki

The most of sights are concentrated in the area of city berth in Uusikaupunki. There is the railway station right near the berth.

There is an interesting old church (1629). You’ll see its wooden bell tower with unusual cross, which looks like a sailing vessel above the houses. The lower part of the bell tower and of the church is made of stone.

There is the Museum of pilot nearby, which is surrounded with the residential area of neat old wooden houses. There are decorative figurines in the windows.

One can get over the original bridge to the opposite side of the Guest harbor. This bridge seems to be lopsided on one side, but in fact it is straight.

There is the trade exhibition of amateur and folk souvenirs just after the bridge. You will be offered the elaborate sculptures of wood, ceramic vases, the hand-made articles of semiprecious stones and jobbing metals, the bottles with ships inside, felt hats and mittens for the sauna.

Center “Bonk” with its strange mechanisms is located on a small hill not far away. The author of this wonder is the artist Alvar Gullichsen, who became famous for creating the so-called absurd machines.

It is the right time for you to visit this exotic museum if you’ve never heard of the paranormal gun or the anchovy-electric power station. You’ll have plenty of laugh and get a lot of pleasant experiences there, in spite of inactive status of those units, unfortunately or not.

There is a special workshop “Bonk” for children in this center, where they can prove their imagination and creativity.

Tourists will have the opportunity to visit the park “Mullumjaki” on the other side of the gulf. This park is considered to be the most picturesque place in the city. Four huge mills on the hill, which is buried in flowers, are the special decoration of the park. Each of mills has its own name.

There is also the arboretum in this park, which is known with its impressive summer exhibition of orchids.

You’ll find the Sailor’s house-museum, which resembles the deck of old ship inside.

Automobile Museum in the city of car industry - Uusikaupunki

You’ll certainly find the Automobile Museum in this city, which presents the unique collection of cars SAAB (more than 300 models) at different times.

The department of auto service will focus your attention on the ancient car repair shops and automobiles in the context.

There is the unusual exhibition of car models, made of different materials: wood, foam plastic, clay and even stuffed owl.

You’ll find small motor-racing circuit near the museum, where children can ride the electric vehicles.

Sea cruises in Uusikaupunki

You can see boats, yachts, the ancient steamship and the two-master along the city quay, which delights your eyes with the flower-beds.

Sea cruises from Uusikaupunki to Rauma, Turku and Hanko peninsula aboard the skerry vessel “Franz Hejdzher” as well as the excursions to the lighthouse on the island Isokari and to the islands of fort Katanpaa in Kustavi are in good demand.

Cultural events in Uusikaupunki

You can visit the Chamber Music Festival in Uusikaupunki in summer. It was established in honor of the composer and clarinetist Bernard Henrik Krusell.

Sport in Uusikaupunki

There is covered all-the-year-round skiing stadium and a golf course for the sport lovers right in the center of city.