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Turku is the oldest city in Finland. The past has joined to the present there. Turku is a large port as well as the industrial, administrative and territorial center of Finland.

This city of “a thousand and one legend” has got a rich cultural heritage. It is busy city with two universities and the Higher Commercial Institute now.

Sights in Turku

There are a lot of interesting and memorable sights in Turku.
The old Great Square is the place, where the celebration of Christmas starts all over the whole Finland. It is situated in the middle of four architectural monuments of different styles of XIX century: the Old Town Hall, Brinkkala, Heltin’s and Yuslenius’s houses.

There are many museums in this city.
The Museum of Art will introduce you the works of Finnish art from the early 19-th century to our time.

The Museum of Crafts “Luostarinmjaki” represents the artisan workshops with the shops of handicrafts.

The Biological Museum-diorama will tell you about the flora and fauna of Finland.

You’ll know the history of local navigation and astronomical researches in the Museum of navigation at the observatory of Turku.

The unusual museum “Aboa Vetus” will give tourists the opportunity to wander for some time along the medieval lanes and ancient basements. Archeological finds coupled with the modern multimedia systems will help the visitors to see the everyday life long ago.

You’ll be able to listen to classical and folk music, to see about 350 musical instruments from around the world in the famous museum of Finnish composer Jan Sibeliys. You’ll also know about the life and creative work of this composer.

You’ll feel deeply the atmosphere of burghers’ life in Kvenzel’s house. One can go for a walk among the surviving buildings around this house: the stable, the coach-houses, the bakery, the cattle-shed.

There is an interesting Museum-Drugstore with laboratories and back rooms for the storage of drugs and herbs.

The Cathedral in Turku

There is also the Archbishops’ Residence of the state Evangelical and Lutheran Churches of Finland with the main church of the country – the Cathedral in Turku. The Cathedral is one of the most valuable monuments of architecture in Finland. It has been building during different historical epochs. So it has displayed the entire history of Finnish nation.

Every hour is announced with the Cathedral’s peal over the air “Jule Radio 1”. The Christmas peace all over the country is also declared this way.
Tourists can visit the Museum of wooden sculpture, church crockery and fabric on the territory of this Cathedral.

Turusski castle in Turku

Besides, Turku is known for its medieval castle. The history of Turusski castle began in 1280. The board of duke Johan and Katarina Yagelloniki in the middle of the 16-th century was the best time to this castle.

The most popular and visited places in the castle are the figures of duke Johan and Katarina Yagelloniki, which describe the life at the court in the Renaissance; the prison, where the King Erik XIV was imprisoned; exhibitions, devoted to the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Middle Ages. The collections of old toys and fire-arms, the medieval wooden sculptures and coins are of particular interest.

Family holiday in Turku

All comers will have a nice time at the kingdom of water attractions in the water parks “Katinkulta” and “Karibia”.

When leaving Turku you should visit the wonderful summer park of entertaining – “The Moomin-trolls’ Valley” in Naantali. The admirers of Tuve Jansson’s creative works will be able to meet their favorite characters and to live their life in this fabulous place.

Both adults and children will see the performances in Emma’s theatre, blow round the Moomin-trolls and feel the atmosphere of their life with great pleasure. There are numerous cafes and souvenir shops, the observatory, the labyrinth, the swimming bath and other entertainments in this remarkable park.