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Ancient Finnish city Savonlinna is known as “Finnish Venice”. Savonlinna is situated on the peninsula among the lakes and islands of Saimaan water system.
Modern Savonlinna attracts tourists from all over the world due to its unique location and interesting sights.

Some history of Savonlinna

Savonlinna was founded in the 15-th century by Swedes and had a name Nejshlot. This city has been already a popular holiday resort with influential people from St. Petersburg.

Sights in Savonlinna

Medieval fortress Olavinlinna (1475) is the most famous place in Savonlinna. Olavinlinna is the former Swedish frontier, which saw fires and battles in its lifetime.
This fortress began to serve the art in 1912: annual International Opera Festivals are holding there.

You’ll be able to feel the atmosphere of 18-th century as well as to sit in a café or to go shopping, or to look at the exhibition halls on Linnankatu Street, which is leading to the fortress.

It’ll be interesting to visit the House of Nature “Nestori” and to acquaint with the natural features of Saimaan region.
The Museum of local lore, museums-steamers “Savonlinna”, “Salama”, “Mikko” and “Ahkera” will acquaint the visitors with interesting facts from the life of the city and of every ship.
It’ll be rather cognitive to visit the Museum of fishing.

There is the largest wooden church Kerimäki (1848) in Savonlinna: its height is 27 meters. This church has a hall for 3000 seats.
You can listen to an amazing 45-chord organ in the Dome Cathedral (1878) in Savonlinna.

It’ll be curiously enough to get to know the exhibits at the Puppet Museum on Kasinonsaari Island. There are antique porcelain exemplars of late 18-th century as well as contemporary ones among the more than 2000 dolls.

Wonderful “delicate” estate “Rauhalinna” was built in the early 20-th century by A. Schulman. General Niels Vekmane gifted it to his wife on the occasion of silver wedding. “Rauhalinna” is used as a summer hotel and a restaurant nowadays.

The Museum of warfare will acquaint you with samples of Finnish military equipment in 1939-1945. You’ll be able to see the defenses – the stone ramparts from a steep 55-meter cliff -the lookout hill Linnavuori in Sulkava.

“Retretti” is unique Art Center of Northern Europe. It will invite the visitors to real caves and grottoes, where there are underground exhibition halls.
It’ll be also interesting to visit the Reserve Hutermja in Kerimäki, where you’ll see the examples of stone art. And Art studio “Aselma-studio” of artist Nijlo Lehikojnen will show the wooden bas-reliefs on the subjects of the national epic “Kalevala”.

Stone ridge Punkaharju

Stone ridge of the Ice Age Punkaharju deserves special attention. It is surrounded by lakes Pihlajavesi and Puruvesi. Russian Emperor Alexander 1 was fascinated by the extraordinary beauty of this place. So tourists from all over the world come to the recreation center in Punkaharju to admire the scenery and learn more about nature in the Museum of forest “Lusto”.

National Parks Linnansaari and Kolovesi

Finns idolize nature. That’s why they protat it. Magnificent landscapes, which are lovely and diligently protected, are pleasing to the eye in national parks.

You’ll admire the landscapes of National Park Linnansaari near Savonlinna. Linnansaari in translation means “Birds’ Island”. It is located on more than a hundred islands. The population of Saimaan ringed seal is the pride of this park. There is a campsite with comfortable conditions for easy acquaintance with nature in the park.

You’ll be able to get by ferry, canoe or bus to another protected corner near Savonlinna - National Park Kolovesi. This park stores in original form several islands with high hills, which are covered with beautiful pine forests, rock cliffs and caves with prehistoric paintings, serene marble seals.
The excursions to the islands in Kolovesi are carried on rowing boats in order not to disrupt the balance and peace in this realm of nature.

Family vacation in Savonlinna

Original country of summer - outdoor water park “Kesamaa” will offer a wonderful holiday for the whole family. You’ll get a lot of pleasure and energy for the entire year while breaking the climbing routes, riding water slides, relaxing in a huge heated pool or playing mini-golf.

Both kids and adults will be happy to visit the entertaining park “Summer country Punkaharju”. There are about 40 attractions: playgrounds, autodrome, the artificial lake with boats, water slides for surfing, mini-golf course. There are also café and souvenirshop.

Active rest in Savonlinna

You’ll be able to have the diversify recreation in any season in Savonlinna: skiing, skating, snowmobiling and ice fishing in winter, horse riding, hiking, boating and other activities in summer.