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Juvaskula is a modern city of science, art and high technology, so-called “Finnish Athens”. The new developments of the famous company “Nokia” appear in this city.

Some history of Juvaskula

The first school in Finland with Finnish language appeared there in the middle of 19-th century. Teacher’s Training College was found in 1863. Today it is a well-known university with 7 departments.

Sights in Juvaskula

You’ll find the most of sights near the center of Juvaskula and you’ll see the pictorial countryside landscape out of the city.

It’ll be interesting to see the half a kilometer bridge with the figure of an acrobat. This bridge connects the parts of the city. The fountain right in the water is not only decorates the local landscape, but also enriches the water with oxygen. 

The center of flower-growers and gardeners “Viherlandia” or “Winter land” is very popular with the residents of Juvaskula. You can learn a lot about the plants and care of them as well as enjoy the splendor and fragrance of flowers and exotic trees; you can sit in a cozy cafe in this pleasant and useful place.

Such museums of Juvaskula as the Museum of Art, the Museum of Central Finland, the Finnish National Costume Museum, the Museum of the handicraft industry, the Museum of the famous architect Alvar Aalto are worthy of notice.
Don’t miss an old church in Petyajavesi, too.

Both adults and children will get acquaint in practice with ecology, think of the problems of hothouse effect, of ozone holes, of energy savings, ecological processing of toxic wastes and so on at the Environment Center “Kammi”.

The Museum of sauna in the village Muuruma near Juvaskula, which will acquaint you with the culture of visiting sauna in Finland, is of a special notice. There are 100 real baths from all over the country. There are 28 ancient ones, so-called “black”. Some baths are available for visiting to the present days.

Saunas in Finland are very popular: they are in flats, cottages and hotels as well as in different offices and educational institutions. This fact illustrates the great love of Finns to steam and their competence in doing this with the use for health.

Interesting events in Juvaskula

Such interesting events as Art Festival, music festival “Skiffle”, rally “Finland” are waiting for their lovers in Juvaskula. Wonderful walks along the city, pleasant rest in cafes, bars and restaurants, charming sounds of music will allow the guests of the city to feel its real atmosphere.

Pedestrian street Kauppakatu is a popular place for rest and summer activities in Juvaskula.
It’s always warm and festively on this ancient street, because it is heated by thermoelectric power station and has a special illumination.

Juvaskula demonstrates the argent love of Finns to dancing: you can walk along Waltz and Tango streets, turn to Foxtrot lane.

Rest in Juvaskula

Water park “Aalto Alvari” is a wonderful place for recovery and relaxation. You’ll be able to appreciate the swimming-pools with an “artificial wave” and high-boards, Jacuzzi, hydro massage, water slides, solarium, tropical bar and other services.

You’ll find all conditions for active leisure in the ski center “Laajavuori” and slalom ski center “Piyhivuori”. People of different ages and with various skill levels will be offered there such kinds of active recreation as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile safaris and dog sledding. Attentive professional instructors, which are always ready to help the beginners, are at your service there.

Fun for children in Juvaskula

Children will get a lot of pleasant moments after visiting the Green Valley “Viherlaakso” – the residence of Mouse Hilarius, which is well-known due the film series. The unforgettable adventures in the House of Fairy Tales, the Inventor’ Corner, the Witch’ Hut and in the Tower of Sleeping Beauty will leave nobody indifferent.

Shopping in Juvaskula

The shoppers will be pleased by visiting many shops in Juvaskula, which will offer them different high-quality Finnish clothing and various handicrafts at acceptable prices. There is a nice place for the sweet tooth – the shop of Confectionary “Panda”.